audio review : Fashion ( song ) … Lady Gaga

The drums and bass sound suspiciously, almost criminally, similar to Madonna’s Holiday. While it’s arguable which song is better, Lady Gaga easily outshines during the verses. “Walk into the light,” she commands, “Display your diamonds and pearls in light.” She should’ve said something about the jewelry being “bright” instead of using “light” twice, but the way she channels Lena Horne on Broadway makes it one of the two best parts of the song.

The second best part is that same section of the second verse, which she totally slays. “There’s a life on Mars where the couture is beyond beyond.” Fabulous, in my gayest voice. The verses are early peaks though. The chorus, on which she makes the mistake of trying to carry the same melody as opposed to coming-up with something different, is comparatively anticlimactic. When she does decide to make a change, during the ending coda, it’s a bit of a mess.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : Artpop ( album ) ... Lady Gaga

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