A lot of girls lie about being raped …

And that can be okay. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with lying. But when she’s lying to the police about you, that could be a problem for you; a major one that, aside from ruining your social life, could put you in prison and keep you there for a long time. And it doesn’t take a bit of evidence to convict you. Forget “reasonable” doubt. All it takes is a jury of sympathetic fools who, for reasons that would probably have more to do with sexism than anything else, believe her.

Enter the invention of audio and video recorders; devices that can save your life, or at least your freedom, if you use them to secretly record every time you have sex with a girl. But that isn’t always practical or even possible. So the next best thing is to come as close as possible, which means recording as often as you can or whenever you have sex with a girl you don’t really know. This especially goes for guys with a lot of money because guys with a lot of money are the most likely victims.

If she finds out about the video, all she has to do is say she had consensual sex with you in the past and was raped by you sometime after the video was made. Video time and date stamps can be altered, after all. She’d have a weaker case, yes, but it could still result in a “guilty” verdict from a gullible jury. So what you, or your lawyer, have to do is get her to say, on official court record, that she’s never had consensual sex with you. Revealing the video after that should save you.

The charges should be immediately dropped and the tables should turn. She should now be facing a criminal charge and a lengthy prison sentence for making such a serious false allegation. The sad thing is that she probably won’t. She might get, as they say, a slap on the wrist, but you can bet the flawed criminal court system in this stupid sexist society of ours won’t go after her nearly hard as they went after you; simply because she’s a girl and you’re a guy. That’s just the way it is.

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