audio review : Man Of The Woods ( album ) … Justin Timberlake

audio review : Man Of The Woods ( album ) ... Justin Timberlake

Boomy beats and flashy synths conflict with the concept, which suggests a minimalist soundscape led by acoustic guitars, but this is the kind of music you’ve come to expect from Pop singer Justin Timberlake. Producers The Neptunes are back at the helm. Timbaland, who handled most of the previous “20/20” project, is reduced to just a few songs, the best of which begins the album with a Filthy funk groove.

Other standouts include Higher Higher, Montana and the album title track. Midnight Summer Jam might be just that, but winter comes quick on Flannel, which vibes like a Christmas hymn. The album could do (better) without pretentious interludes from wife Jessica Biel and real-life clips of the couple playing with their Young Man are more annoying than cute, but the set is decidely decent on the whole.

my rating = 3 of 5


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