audio review : Chloraseptic ( song remix ) … Eminem + Phresher ( featuring 2 Chainz )

Phresher and 2 Chainz reportedly recorded their verses during the original song session. Why those verses weren’t included on the Revival album is a mystery to me. This remix version, even with Phresher’s verse placed in the middle when the hook guy should be first or last, is much better. That’s partly because Eminem scraps his previous raps for a much better one.

It’s also a new one because he uses it as a pre-response to the many negative reviews of Revival, which would be way less if he rapped more like this on it. 2 Chainz nearly matches Em with less effort though, à la style over substance. “Ferris day off,” he says, “F-12 same color as Kate Moss…” Even if he didn’t say “arm”, he should pretend he did because that would be classic.

my rating = 4 of 5


audio review : Chloraseptic ( song ) … Eminem ( featuring Phresher )

audio review : Revival ( album ) … Eminem

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