audio review : Joyride ( album ) … Tinashe

audio review : Joyride ( album ) ... Tinashe

There’s some confusion as to whether Tinashe’s previous release, entitled Nightride, is supposed to be an official album or some sort of mixtape-like side project. As fifty minutes of mostly full-length songs with original beats, it sounds like the former; that’s certainly what I’d classify it as; but is widely publicized as the latter. There’s no such distinction with this follow-up Joyride. Everything suggests it’s the new Tinashe album. The problem is that Nightride is bigger and better in almost every way.

That’s “almost” because Faded Love, a drunken sexcapade featuring rapper Future, would be my jam on either set. The other thirty minutes or so offer “little” in the way of Joy. No Drama is a banger for sure; several tracks stay true to the album’s overall theme with highkey and lowkey vehicle references; but Tinashe’s vocals are generally less melodic and more annoying this go around. That means Joyride; while fun, even thoroughly enjoyable at times; is a comparative disappointment.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : Nightride ( album ) ... Tinashe

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