audio review : Throne Of Game ( album ) … Spice 1

audio review : Throne Of Game ( album ) ... Spice 1

The title is a play on Game Of Thrones, but the cover photo brings to mind E-40’s Hall Of Game; an album released the year 2Pac died that feautures both him and Spice 1. That’s a relevant mention because Spice 1 makes several references to his dead homie here. There’s also a 2017 version of Welcome To The Ghetto and lyrical interpolations of other old Spice 1 songs. Perhaps the rapper; who, with exception of a few verses that have him spitting like the “BG” rappers of today, hasn’t changed much after all these years; is sort of stuck in the past.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing for longtime fans. The nostalgia is as thick as the weed smoke. And most of these beats do bang. When the hooks are left to singers with actual talent in that department; the crown goes to D Perry, though the track he’s on sounds more like what should’ve been the outro than an actual song; the album sounds surprisingly good. With that, aside from a more careful mastering job, Throne Of Game would be better if it were edited down to, say, the best twelve cuts. The “Fuckboy” Flex diss, for example, is mixtape filler.

my rating = 3 of 5


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