audio review : Ye ( album ) … Kanye West

audio review : Ye ( album ) ... Kanye West

“I love myself way more than I love you,” Kanye West declares, presumably to the general listening public, but surely he could’ve come up with a better title for this… I guess it’s an album, albeit a short one; a mere seven songs, though No Mistakes sounds more like an interlude. It’s better than both Yeezus and Life Of Pablo though, for what that’s worth; and while it’s not quite the old Kanye, it gets close.

Ghost Town, the one song with no rapping, sounds like the karaoke version of an age-old gospel hymn. 070 Shake’s bit is a bit much; they should’ve left the chorus to Kid Cudi; but the song is an easy favorite. All Mine is another, but guest Valee’s falsetto will work your nerves. Like swapping an enchanting synth loop for a basic drum beat at the end of Killing You, it’s the odd artistic decisions that flaw Ye.

my rating = 3 of 5


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