You go to churh?

Alaina Marie :

you should come to my church one sunday.

Marcel Lee :

I’d have no reason to come to your church because I’m not a Christian.

I used to go to church sometimes as a kid, being dragged along with other people, with little choice in the matter. But as I grew older, I smartened up and started to see religion for what it is. Now I’m an atheist.

Thanks for the offer though.

Alaina Marie :

im not religoius religoius is a practice i am a christian though Did u make that decision because of some peoples fakeness and judgements? or u just always felt that way?

and sorry not trying to affend you or anything but im just courious. So what do u believe in like how do u think you got here? do you think u have a purpose here?

Marcel Lee :

I dont think I have a “purpose” here. And I have no idea how we got here. But that’s exactly the point.

None of us really know how we got here, so we should just leave it at that unless or until we come across some kind of factual evidence to tell us how we got here. And words from a book somebody wrote, like The Bible or any other religious text, isn’t factual evidence. It’s just words. That’s why it takes “faith” in order to believe in it.

You dont need faith to believe that two plus two equals four, for example, because it’s a true fact that can be proven. But you do need faith to believe something that either isn’t true or may not be true. Think about that for a minute because that basically says it all.

You, meaning people in general, just have to be smart enough to think for yourself and not allow yourself to be brainwashed by other people. Think logically and question everything. If you dont have the answers, just accept the fact that you’re ignorant to a lot of things and leave it at that. After all, I’m not saying God doesn’t exist. I’m simply saying I dont believe God exists, until or unless I come across enough factual evidence to believe it. So far I have none.

Alaina Marie :

you have the right to your opinion so u havnt noticed that ironically certain things thats in the bible that tells us about the last days u dont see some of those things happening now? the wars the weather the way people live now is that a lie too? that book wasnt written recently. well you have youir opinion but we are all here for a purpose and we didnt just out of no where just apear that makes no since what so ever. Im not brainwashed whatever i am taught i look and research it myself and your right that is faith. Everything that happens in life its not done by our own powers. what or who wakes u up in the morning? and dont say your alrm clock, how r u breathing? what im saying means nothing to u but im sayin this stuff cuz i care u have a purpose everything may have not turned out the way u wanted it in life but it all happened or happens for a reason you will find your purpose we are not just here for nothing.

Marcel Lee :

Those Bible predictions are vague and ambiguous. There have always been wars, bad weather and people living in ways you wouldn’t approve of. And there have always been foolish people thinking it must be the end of the world. Those are the type of people who spend money talking with psychics; clinging on to vague and ambigious predictions instead of demanding the details, which would automatically prove whether or not the psychic is full of shit.

In other words, it’s quite interesting that the Bible predictions Christians claim are happening right now; like weather and wars; can be logically explained while the miraculous details we wouldn’t be able to logically explain; like stars falling to Earth from the sky and seven-headed beasts coming out of the sea; simply aren’t happening. If things like that start happening, it might be enough to turn atheists into believers. Until then, Bible predictions are no more valid than those of your local psychic.

You said it doesn’t make sense to think we just appeared out of nowhere, by the way, yet you believe something that makes even less sense; that some kind of magical wizard (“God”) just appeared out of nowhere and created us. I dont believe we got here either way because, again, I dont know how we got here; so, in a debate, I’m not making any claims and have nothing to prove. You, the Christian; on the other hand; are making an extraordinary claim that would take an extraordinary amount of (factual) evidence to prove. And I’m still waiting on the first piece.

This is a discussion I’ve had many times, with different people who believe in different gods, and it always comes down to faith. Even you admitted that in your last message. But do you remember what I said about faith? I said you dont need faith to believe a true fact that can be proven, but you need faith to believe something that either isn’t true or may not be true. Am I right or wrong about that? Because until you can take faith out of your argument, and replace it with factual evidence, we’ll just keep going around in circles.

Alaina Marie :

Iknew u were going to say that everything going on right now is nothing but preperation for the antichrist talk of change everything yes its good but thats the reality of it the mark of the beast they preparing for that now havnt u heard of the chips they r tryin to get people to put on their kids and begginig the using plastic (credit cards )for everything thats modern version of that. u think someone just thoufght of this stuff put it in the bible off the top of their heads God told them what to put in it years and years and years ago and now its actually happening the signs r there ans if your paying money for pycics then your faith is not in christ thats the devil. And they had prophets when they were trying to establish the church. Just like God told them what to write. God gave them the revelations cant do that now cuz that would be adding to the bible. Its your choice you have the right to your choicebut think about it. yeah its been wars weather changing before but who put that in it. They were chosen by God to write it. Re read revelations and its some more too look up mark of the beast anti crist tell me what u find

Marcel Lee :

Like I said, until (unless) you can come with factual evidence, we’ll just keep going around in circles. I’ll just keep telling you to prove your claims and you’ll just keep repeating things you read, or claim to have read, in a book.

I can’t find the part about computer chips and credit cards. Maybe because that stuff didn’t exist back then. Maybe because The Bible doesn’t mention anything people hadn’t yet invented or discovered; even though all-knowing God was supposed to know that stuff was coming back when it was supposedly written thru them. Ever wonder why? Of course not. You’re brainwashed. So computer chips and credit cards magically become a “modern version” of whatever vague and ambiguous prediction it is you’re referring to.

What’s sad is that if you were brought-up under Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion, you’d be repeating things from those books; about those Gods; and you’d think Christianity is just as wrong as you think those religions are now.

Hey, maybe someday you (too) will start to see religion for what it is. Or maybe not. Only time will tell.

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