video : a dark-skinned girl admitting to being jealous of her light-skinned friend


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  1. Wth? If you do not have a problem with your complexion why would she say she is jealous? If she has all the confidence in the world..why would she say that? Why is she even her friend? That is mess up. Then she change her That is messed up.

  2. this woman is beautiful!! What she’s saying is nonsense!! She has low self esteem that’s it!! She should know what her self worth is & that is she is beautiful!! This guy was making her say things & twisting them too!! How cruel!! WTF??!!


  4. This makes me a little sad, I think she is just a beautiful young lady period. who gives a damn about skin color, black people have a broad range in complexions. we have beautiful and ugly in all ranges. She needs confidence in herself. I think she is beautiful.

  5. I’m light and I bet her friend doesn’t even look better than her. Honey if your man prefer light girls..why are you with him? A man should love u for you from your head to your toes. Never let a man steal your self worth and self esteem. Its 51 states out there with thousands of cities and counties. Not even talking about the world. Do you know how many men are out there? millions upon millions.

  6. shes pretty, but this is why I fear being friends with dark skin chicks because its been known that they can turn on you like a pit bull who turns on their owner. I know this for a fact because back when I was in high school I had 2 friends who were dark skin and eventually they turned on me. They had set me up to get jumped at a park and when I was in middle school I got jumped by 4 girls, 3 were dark skin and the other one was medium dark skin and as I got older I feared being friends with dark skin women. Not all act this way, but what I went through as a child It still inpacts me as of this day. I dont hate dark skin women because not all are like this. I also feel the same about brown and dark skin black guys as well, although black guys do flirt with me, but I lie to them and tell them that I have a BF. I had alot of problems with black men and dating them in the past and now I date nothing but hispanic men and their not as argumentive as black men and when problems arise, most black men cant talk it out in a peaceful way with out arguing, hispanic men are more calm and are willing to talk out problems. I also dont date black men because of how most of them hang out in the streets and staying in and out of jail which is why they make up the vast majority of the jail population and the majority of them being raised in single mother homes and not having positive structure plus most of them grow up not knowing how to treat a woman. As far as them dating white, latina, light skin biracial and other non black women, I can care less, it doesnt make me jealous at all, and they can have them . As for me I’ll stick to dating hispanic and other mulatto looking men. I dont hate black men I just dont date them, I dont hate dark skin women I just cant be friends with then. Overall, at the end of the day Im an African American just like them. were all the same race regardless of being light skin

  7. the camera guy is trying to get her to say something she doesn’t feel…she said she is jealous because light skin girls get chosen over her/darkskin women. She didn’t say she hated light skin girls nor did she feel she was “better” than anyone. Sounds like the guy was trying to create an issue were it wasnt.

  8. this is sad!!😔 it’s just skin!! shouldn’t be so serious to yhe point of forming jealousy in your heart. so glad i was never a insecure dark skin girl, I’ve never paid to much attention to my complexion to care. ” LIVE FREE ” 🌞

  9. Black men and women are so fucking ugly…you have to be on crack to find them attractive. YUCK. They wish they looked white and mixed. Blacks need to go exticnt….nasty niggers!

      1. Prove it’s not true. I’ve seen more than enough of both to know what I said was true. All dark black females that I saw last night had a head full of weave, the mixed/light-skinned ones had real hair that grew out of their own head.

        1. OK u kinda right tho I noticed the same thing cause I was like am I delusional or really what I am seeing light skin black girl had their hair and mixed Include white but the dark ones always had weave but the crazy ass long weave or with c razy color like blonde red but I was like maybe that’s not everywhere like that

          1. From rich and famous black (dark) females to the everyday ones will mostly have weave, tracks, extensions, wigs or perms. Anything except their original hair type. From Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Union, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Obama and almost every other brown or dark black female will do that. Most light or “high yellow” and mixed females either have the really curly type long hair or more of a straight hair type that’s somewhat similar to white women’s hair.

            1. so it’s not a problem for lighties to have their hair straight u don’t need to give a type of hair I see also lighties with not just curly or straight hair but kinky afro hair u sound like mixed and lighties have different hair type then darkies

              1. Strongly depends on genetic markers. Some mixed females have red hair and green eyes while others will have brown hair and brown eyes. However, it’s utter nonsense when blacks try to force mixed people to believe that they are black.

                1. that’s another subject not all black people force mixed to be black while lot of mixed black people want to be called black as I saw many doing it I recently talked to a mixed girl she’s was saying well “I face discrimination as a black woman” in my head I was like u not black but hey she feel this way that’s OK therefore saying you always see lighties with straight and mixed with curls well that’s means the lighties can clearly use Perm but not darkies cause we all know lighties are black so should have black people’s hair while mixed it depends on genetic therefore there are lighties that wear their afro more than darkies

                  1. Mixed-race people will never be black even if they think they are or told that they are. DNA tells the story that most people can’t and it’s the strongest evidence of what a person is really made of. I used to wonder why blacks hated me so much but after doing extensive research and reading lots of comments online about this issue, it appears that I’m not the only one who’s been mistreated by dark blacks for being mixed and having a fair-skinned complexion.

                    1. ohhh calme why so much hate everyone know they not either race soooooooooo they mixed but u can’t got against what they feel about themselves that’s it Alice keys is mixed she claim black Mariah Carey hally berry and more of them mixed call themselves black soo

                      which black hated u ignorant ghetto people I believe lot of black don’t hate on mixed as well that’s totally false statements tho u been unlucky But will agree also that’s lot of darkies hate on light skin I’m black light skin myself and always a black guy will remind me how pretty my skin is or will have dirty look from dark girls but I have to say I do not hang out with black girls myself du to too much self hate they have I get along more with white girl mixed Latinas Arabic and other therfore can’t generalise cause they r good people everywhere

                    2. Those mixed folks are either confused, were forced to believe they were black by society or they’re being told to push that agenda that mixed people are black. America has a habit of wanting to dumb everything down to two categories (white or black, Chinese or Japanese, Mexican or Spanish, democrat or republican etc.) when the world is more complex than that.

                    3. Blacks try to claim us mixed people because they DESPERATELY want to be associated with our success, intelligence, and (mostly) our beauty. (the green/blue eyes, the light skin, the curly hair and the perfectly blended facial features.) This is done out of envy and self-hatred. They see us as better than them.

      1. Write that in proper English with correct grammar and a question mark at the end and I just might feel like I’m being questioned by a competent individual.

  10. How the fuck would see be a better pick than light-skin women and vice-versa? People like who they like. There’s no such thing as a better pick. Some people like apples better than oranges and vice versa. There’s no better pick in general just the individuals preferences. I’m glad that girl on the video had more sense than that dumbass man, asking her that question.

  11. I never experience being jealous of someone else complexion I got pick before my light skin friend are my sister this will never end cause bitch niggas like the camera dude

  12. I’m lightskinned and I don’t see why some dark skinned girls hate me because that’s how I was born! Even my mom is darkskinned and when I do something wrong she be like “that’s that lightskinned shit” Wtf. Stop hating on us because your making your personality ugly as hell.

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