video : mormons trying to defend their belief in God


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  1. Deceivers using the name of Jesus Christ to worship a false god, their not about the true gospel, their about deciving people into becoming members of their church, using the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. These guys are talking through their asses. I was religious, I prayed, I spoke to God and I was a very good person my whole life. Then I went through some hard times so I prayed, I begged God to help me in some way or just to give me the smallest sign that my current suffering was for some reason, that it’ll get better some day. I was met with silence, not a word, a dream, a feeling, nothing. They say that if you pray and open your heart to God he’ll show himself to you, well my heart was open and I got nothing. In the end I went through 2 years of hell and the only thing that got me through was me. You know what I believe in now….. Myself.

  3. “He’s in a better place” is a horrendous cop out! Like “God didn’t send you to hell, you did”. That is an arrogant and ignorant thing to say! Fucking religious pigs!

  4. if they’d just let these poor Mormon fellas masturbate I think they’d be able to see more clearly… know Mormon missionaries always, ALWAYS, have a buddy w/ them. Even when they shower, toilet, sleep – ALWAYS. It’s to make sure they don’t sneak off to rub one out real quick……SAD. My God lets me enjoy twiddling w/ my girly bits .’ )

  5. I’m a Christian/Creationist, and I like watching these videos just to answer Marcel’s questions. I wish the people he interviewed could also answer them.

    And I wish Marcel would interview more logical people, but he wont lol. They would answer his questions and he would not put it on YouTube.

  6. And even when we think we don’t know there’s a God, we look up …

    I usually look forward, not up…it helps not bumping into walls, trees and roads.

  7. I call bullshit on the Jesus suffering for us. Mythology holds that Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead 3 days later. Yet we still die and we dont get raised from the dead. We stay dead. Also he did not suffer nearly as badly as someone dying slowly from pancreatic cancer. Jesus died after one day of pain but cancer patients suffer in agonizing pain for months before dying. So how did Jesus take our place? Oh so we dont go to hell for eternity? Well neither did he. Still no real sacrifice.

  8. An innocent good child gets no present, why would a loving Santa do that?
    A hungry boy fishing, catches nothing .. why does Poseidon starve a boy?
    A feeble man can not lift a stone off his mother .. why did Hercules do nothing?
    A girl gets no egg .. why didn’t the Easter Bunny provide?
    A person prays for morality and reduced suffering .. God does nothing, why?

    Yup, one answer fits all.

  9. you would still need faith in God,after He revealed himself to you. it’s faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. not just faith that God exists. you would have to have faith in Him.

  10. Those who think they will all be reunited in “heaven” just haven’t thought it through have they? So if I die at age 80, and I had lost a child who was a babe in arms, how old will that baby be when we meet again in “heaven”. If my father died, say in a conflict aged 20 and indie at 80, how old I’ll we be comparatively? None of it makes any sense whatsoever.

    1. Trust me – They have lame ass excuses for this dilemma too x) It’s pathetic that fully grown people, dope their mind with this garbage! Death is a scary thing, obviously!?

  11. “God can’t prove himself because that would mess with your agency/free will”
    If someone came up to you and asked you to fallow them, do you still have a choice to fallow them or not? (yes) How is that any different with god?


    Does god know everything? (yes) Does everything go according to gods plan? (yes) Then how can we have free will if god already knows what we will do, and everything we do is already pre planned and nothing goes against gods plan?

    I would throw these in but dont dwell on them. Focus on the reliability of faith vs using reason and evidence. For example many believers (especially mormons, BOM Moroni 10:4) say that you have to first have faith or open yourself up to god. To wich you can ask “Have you tried using the same method and having faith in islam/buddhism/etc?” Check this out

  12. The tornado kills the mother and the father …

    what if those parents were atheists , they burn in hell and what happens to the child? does he go to heaven after suffering now know his parents being tortured by the God that didn’t lift a finger to ease his suffering.

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