video : a Christian talking about his belief in God


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  1. So if jesus, helps christians through the hard times, who helps the atheists through the hard times? If jesus gives christians their hope, then where do atheists get their hope? Maybe it’s the faith in leprechauns that gets atheists through hard times. Let’s pray to the leprechaun god that all christians learn to use their logic.

  2. Witness testimony is used in drug trials, scientific observations, criminal investigations, everyday situations, contract law, everything. It is evidence but is not proof because one jury will find a different result to another. The Bible says that God decides who can truly believe and that many people who think they believe are not believers, they are the ones that think they are forgiven for sin that they do not repent of, paedophile priests are of this sort. They are not changed, the Christians that changed are saved by God from hell. God is not as politically correct as people like to make him out to be. He knows everyone but does not reveal himself to everyone, why would he? He wants to see how people behave when they think that God does not exist. You’re all n trial without knowing it. Those who truly believe are chosen by God, he is not randomly letting people believe. Marcell is still being tested but he cannot believe that because God will not let him believe that.

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