video : Christian missionaries trying to defend their belief in God


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  1. That book (bible) has become part of European laws. That’s why they are burning muslamics babies through hell fire missiles with impunity in Afghanistan and middle east. That’s the origin of their law of barbarity – The bible of both jews and christian Europeans. They support even buddhist savages doing the same because of those laws.?

  2. Yup real nice of you commenters to be cutting down these girls, that’s what Jesus wants to hear? The love that’s spewing from your mouth. Your no better.

  3. Science is BIG in the world right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where do they get these BRAINLESS MORONS FROM, or should that MORMON.
    It gets better, there is a difference between Leprauchauns and God.
    God can make 1+ 1 NOT EQUAL 2.
    Are ALL MORMONS this DUMB.

  4. I think that a lot of the religious groups have abandoned the All Powerful idea of God and settled on a maximally powerful God. That would be a deity that can do anything that does not contradict the logical absolutes because that would indicate a logically impossible being. That all said, the believers still are faced with presenting evidence that their god exists and to date, this has not happened.

  5. Hello Marcell.
    1.)Can God make one plus one equal three? Back when I was a Christian, my answer would have been – YES, while subsequently CHANGING what i currently know.
    2.)Can God make himself NOT EXIST – my answer would have been – he already did – for example in HELL, god does not exist ;)

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