video : Christian missionaries trying to defend their belief in God


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  1. All religion is writen by flesh and blood brain washing power trippers no proof of got no flesh and blood can prove it.since our subconscious lie to us.theres not such thing of pink, brown because our subconscious virally creat it sends it to our conscious.So religion is same.we believe enouph our subconscious will creat a hulicnations if fake ghost enties.Jesus has a subconscious that can lie make him see none exciting ghost that he can get other weak minded people see but not strong minds because it dos not exist so religion a subconscious bs to stimlate our dopamine and serotonin.

  2. she just admit that she left all her loved one behind to help other people in the name of Jesus but unfortunately the same Jesus Christ mentioned in the Bible to you, he says money comes to me on that day saying Lord Lord did not we prophesied in dey name in dey name cast out devils and in dey name we did money might works and then Jesus says and the iI will prophesied unto them get away from me I don’t even know you, you that work iniquity can any Christian answer this

  3. I am not LDS, and I don’t agree with their gospel, but these two young women were courteous, pleasant and gave i good account of what they believe. They need to watch ADAMS ROAD on youtube and see what the Bible Gospel is.. Bless you girls.

  4. so what is YOUR EVIDENCE that God does Not exist?
    By your own words YOU SAID that you have to have evidence to make a claim…so what is your evidence (sir) that God does not exist?
    Its easy to poke and prod at unskilled teenagers isnt it?

    On the question “can God make Himself not exst? :2Tim 2:13 “If we believe not, yet He abideth faithful: He cannot deny Himself”

    On the “two plus two equal three” question : 1Cor 14:33 “For God is not the auther of confusion…2 Cor 13:8 ” For we cannot do anythig AGAINST the truth, but for the truth…Heb 6:18 : “for it is impossible that God should lie…..”

  5. god can do anything he wants to even make himself not exist but what matters is what he has chosen to do is what it is at the moment. let me ask this question do you have the ability to kill yourself but will you?

  6. That book (bible) has become part of European laws. That’s why they are burning muslamics babies through hell fire missiles with impunity in Afghanistan and middle east. That’s the origin of their law of barbarity – The bible of both jews and christian Europeans. They support even buddhist savages doing the same because of those laws.?

  7. Yup real nice of you commenters to be cutting down these girls, that’s what Jesus wants to hear? The love that’s spewing from your mouth. Your no better.

  8. Science is BIG in the world right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where do they get these BRAINLESS MORONS FROM, or should that MORMON.
    It gets better, there is a difference between Leprauchauns and God.
    God can make 1+ 1 NOT EQUAL 2.
    Are ALL MORMONS this DUMB.

  9. I think that a lot of the religious groups have abandoned the All Powerful idea of God and settled on a maximally powerful God. That would be a deity that can do anything that does not contradict the logical absolutes because that would indicate a logically impossible being. That all said, the believers still are faced with presenting evidence that their god exists and to date, this has not happened.

  10. Hello Marcell.
    1.)Can God make one plus one equal three? Back when I was a Christian, my answer would have been – YES, while subsequently CHANGING what i currently know.
    2.)Can God make himself NOT EXIST – my answer would have been – he already did – for example in HELL, god does not exist ;)

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