video : a Christian trying to defend her belief in God


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  1. “If, somewhere within the Bible, I were to find a passage that said 2+2=5, I would believe it, accept it as true and then do my best to work it out and understand it.” – pastor Peter LaRuffa.

  2. Good job young lady! No matter what you say or do he will find it foolish because he chooses to suppress the truth and believe in absolutely anything that fits his lifestyle and his own will. He needs Jesus Christ!

  3. I want to say, “Nice girl,” but she has no problem with the interviewer burning for eternity. Why? …because he is curious and wants to see evidence that this story, not every other god story, is correct?

  4. Why you bothering regular people with all your annoyingly repeating questions and baseless assertions?
    Regular people may lack enough expertise and tactics to tackle questions from people like you about their Christian faith. Not all are thoroughly trained to defend the cause of why they’re so on and so on.
    But know that these video capturing and trying to prove “God doesn’t exist” won’t flatter our faith in the God.
    If you want to throw your questions of logic and reason and video capturing try arguing against people like Prof. John Lennox of Oxford or Dr. Ravi Zacharias. You’ll get enough substance to do stuff. Go have a life!

  5. People use religion as a sedative to get through life on earth. There has never been any evidence of a supreme being therefore it is not logical to believe it exists. One can choose to take a sedative or to be drug free. I prefer to choose the latter.

  6. One of the last things that she said: “And there is evidence to back it [the belief] up. You can do research. And you can find that evidence. And that will further prove that you made the correct choice.” That method of finding evidence to prove an idea is the very definition of pseudoscience. That theme rang throughout her answers. I’m not saying her belief is wrong, I just her method for proving her belief is flawed. Pseudoscience can be, and often is, used to prove any number of things. Because it only uses evidence that supports the belief and ignores any evidence that disagrees with it. That is why some people only accept ideas that can be demonstrated, as true. You should always apportion your (truth) beliefs to the evidence. You can believe what you want, but calling it “truth” brings in a whole bunch of additional requirements.


    I came across this videos as I was searching about christian inspirational videos and I THANK YOU for interviewing people like her about Christianity and them defending their faith. It just proves the authenticity of their faith more despite the hurdle of questions you throw them and it is inspiring to see them not back down on their belief about God, specifically JESUS. Thank you for also taking much time to film and make this video, because although your intended purpose is to disprove and even make us Christians confused about our faith, the result is making us more curios about Jesus. Thus, causing us to want to know Him more, and actually we don’t end up being confused at all. We become more eager to pursue our relationship with JESUS even more than ever before. Mister, I hope and pray that all these things you are asking and the curiosity you have about God will lead you to Him and give you His grandest answer ever. God-willing and in God’s time.

    P.S. The fact that you took time to feed your curiosity about God by asking various people about their faith is proof itself that God exists and that you believe in Him AND I STRONGLY BELIEVE you are waiting for His answers. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have spent your time caring about it, all the more filming and posting it on YouTube. 🙂 I will be praying for you, God bless you Mister.

  8. 1 + 1 = 2 is true in a common sense, as most humans can discern 1 countable object from 2 countable objects and can see (add up 2) single objects as a group of two. I don’t call that exactly belief whereas a god is a very different thing.
    About 1+1 =2 there is far more human common sense as about gods.

  9. she is not saying it would be three fingers. she is clearly saying the number 2 would instead mean the number three…. the guy is not understanding her at all because he is being too argumentative

    Read the Bible dude. Thomas in the Bible doubted God even after walking with Hima nd Jesus after He died and resurrected made Himself known to thomas and showed his scared hands and made it clear that its better to believe without seeing than to have to see to believe

  10. To that guy who is behind the scene. Now it’s your choice. You talked with that wonderful girl and she told you what you have to do if you want to be saved. You know what to do now. So if you reject that, you will go to hell for eternal punishment, but if you will ask God to reveal himself, to prove that Jesus exist and you will be honest, that is going to happen, you will go to heaven for eternal life, I wish you to seek Jesus. Bless you man.

  11. God is real, Jesus is our Saviour. People are trying to show their earthly wisdom, but it’s so sad, that they are just showing their stupidity. Pray for those who do not believe in Jesus, they are lost. God loves everyone, but those who reject Him, He rejects also. Non believer can’t understand God’s ways, cause they never felt real love, they never understand real life, God gives us life. Guy, behind the scene just trying to prove something that he can’t understand. So sad for him.

  12. this first channel helps understand christianity from a scientific perspective
    this channel is good for addressing supposive bible erros amogst other things
    and a third channel that is very helpful in navigating through the bible itself
    for those who are interested I highly recommend these channels to understand why christianity is valid

  13. No one on earth can prove “beyond all doubt” that Jesus exists, so it takes faith to believe that Jesus is real. No Christian knows everything about Jesus. And there will always be skeptic’s who say “but you can’t prove this or that”, so it is up to YOU to have faith and believe in Jesus. Good job Sister.

  14. She brought up the books that were made by people who believed/believe in other gods are not eyewitness accounts. Try telling that to the believers themselves, it might be a little difficult to do that to some religions though, since most of their documents were either stolen or burned (By early Christians of course).

  15. “Get them when they’re young.” Religion’s entire influence hinges on this. Parents tell their children about Gawd and Jeebus before they can read and write, before they have friends they can play with, before they start school – in other words, before there can be any rational way for the child to think about it, and before he or she is ever exposed to other information.

    In this regard, religion really is like a computer virus – the really disruptive viruses load in the earliest stages of startup, and are particularly difficult to get rid of. Religion is much the same way – once a child is indoctrinated, he or she will interpret everything he or she is exposed to via religion, and ditching this ‘infection’ is incredibly difficult. And like computer viruses, religion is introduced from ‘trusted’ sources, or from sources that represent themselves as trustworthy. Indeed, the source may even consider itself trustworthy, completely unaware of the destructive ‘payload’ it carries.

    I also liken religion to mental illness; it has many of the same characteristics – particularly a skewed perception of reality. Usually this misperception is harmless by itself, but when an indoctrinated mind is confronted with a disparity between religious dogma and verifiable facts, the result in an even more distorted view of reality. Combine that with a few more ‘clashes’ and it can result in some very unsavory things.

  16. you have been indoctrinated into believing what you read is true. let me explain. your parents/guardians told you from a young age that it is true. them being who you confide and trust believe what they say despite it being a lie. they as well were indoctrinated. just because a book says it’s the truth, does not make it true. unless you can prove it true (with science studying our world it should be absolutely easy to find evidence of his existence without looking and logic as well should back it, but it doesnt.) it does not exist. if I write a book on false statements and put in their a million times “this is the truth, sayeth patrick”, that still does not make it true and you are absolutely ignorant to believe it. unless you witness it for yourself (which you haven’t. I know 1000% for a fact.) you should not believe it. the Bible is hear say. nothing more. no evidence. no truth. as for the prophecies, it is easy to predict the future. I can say it is going to rain on Tuesday (without specifying which one) and 10 times out of 10 it will eventually rain on a Tuesday guaranteed. eventually. notice Christians speak of 666 but fail to realize the bible was written in Hebrew therefore, it would not be the English 666, but the hebrew 666. simple thinking that you do not see because you choose not to. this is what us atheist mean.

  17. “I believe… I believe… I believe… I think… I think… I believe…” I believe =/= the truth. She put forth absolutely NO evidence to support her ridiculous claim. She just blindly believes this nonsense. She’s so closed minded, it hurts to watch.

  18. people that question a poor girl like this are the ones that are lost. it bothers this guy so much that he is doing this. God put eternity on our hearts and people that can’t accept God go crazy and are angry.
    I don’t get it.

  19. First, I am in love with this girl. Kudos to her! Next (sorry about the long read),
    Why do atheists think so naively and ignorantly? Opinions on the veracity of the following are welcome:
    1. The Bible was not written by 1 person (more like 40+ people across thousands of years if I recall correctly)
    2. Historical accounts (maps, entities like pharaohs, civilizations like Egypt, Israel and Persia aka Iran) align with non-biblical writings. Example:Xerces the great has been mentioned in works by Herodotus
    3. Christianity does not say there is only 1 God (monotheism). It is rather Henotheism (believe in 1 God although others may or may not exist) “You shall have no other Gods before me” – The Lord
    4. God created the universe – not just the house you live in. A widely accepted concept among atheists is that of extra-reality existence (multiple dimensions that don’t follow our laws of physics and inter-dimensional ‘spaces’). God created reality and exists outside of it. So YES – he CAN make 1+1 = 3 if he wanted to.
    5. Following from 4, math is an effect of physics. Numbers 1, 2… are just names we give to physical quantities. The girl was right in a way.
    6. Medicine – humans don’t create chemistry – they only manipulate what already exists in order to make medicines. ‘Chance’ (see point 9) would have me born with every medicine I would ever need in my life just happening to have formed all around me.
    7. If atheists believe in the big bang theory “Something came out of nothing” just proves points 4,5. God made something out of nothing. As a component of this reality, we cannot comprehend anything outside it. The concepts of ‘time’ and ‘space’ may have no meaning outside this dimension.
    8. To explain point 6, I will refer the reader to the video resulting from a Google search for “Carl Segan dimensions”. PS: Carl Segan was probably agnostic/borderline-atheist but I can’t be sure.
    9. If the Earth and humans came about by ‘chance’, then virtually every secure computer systems including google login is relying on a probability that is infinitely lower than said ‘chance’ to maintain their security. Someone really screwed with probability to bring us about then huh? Like God?
    10. If the uploader wants to prove something exists, maybe use a better analogy than Leprechauns at the end of the rainbow (Science has shown proof that rainbows are simply due to refraction only dependent on your frame of reference with respect to the light source – There is no ‘end of the rainbow’)

    1. A divine prediction that atheists would convene: Blessed is he who does not see and yet believes
    2. “Despite all we know… science” – What does the guy know? Ironically, atheists cannot prove their own origin. All other explanations (evolution) are still just Theories – no proof. So atheism is fundamentally flawed to the effect of being, in an atheist’s definition of the term, a religion.
    3. An atheist’s perspective: Walk into a room, close the door, then say “The rest of the house/earth/universe does not exist”

    1. 1. Ok. On the other hand, the Superman story was not written by 1 person. It was written probably by 20 to 50 different people over 3 generations. It started out as a Superman that can leap over tall buildings, then he could fly and had x-ray vision.
      2. As an atheist, I believe that Egypt, Pharaohs, ancient Israel etc exist. The Bible is a faction. A mix of fiction and fact. A mix of mythos and history, politics, science. There was no global flood and no first man and woman as far as evidence is concerned.
      3. I suppose you could interpret that way. However, as a human being, I have to ask, what is a god? Some guy who creates things from nothing? Why should I believe that is possible?
      4. The thing is that if 1+1=3 as you specify, this would imply creation ex nihilo, which I think is not possible. It would mean that hydrogen could not exist. Suddenly, protons would pop into existence from left and right and they would fuse together and quickly form a black hole. However, I don’t see a problem with believing that that is possible. You are the author of the story and you can believe that your “superman” can do that.
      5. Yes, the concept of 1+1 comes from the real world. (9:30) The girl seems to think that the jewish god taught humans that 1+1=2. I’m not sure why she thinks that. Personally, I think ancient humans aren’t that dumb. 1 finger + 1 finger = 3 fingers? What was that none sense about? The girl was backpeddling a bit on that.
      6. Yes.
      7. The big bang theory doesn’t state that something comes from nothing (creation ex nihilo). Creationists invented that as a straw men argument. Christians believe that their god can create stuff from nothing (example: your 1+1=3 argument)

      “The concepts of ‘time’ and ‘space’ may have no meaning outside this dimension.”
      Well, you are the author and you can write that if you please. As my own author, I would say sure, why not. However, I’m interested in evidence rather than speculating what some guy called a jewish god (Yahooway) does in his own universe.

      8. I’m not sure I understand. I presume that Carl Sagan is an agnostic atheist. All atheists are agnostic.
      9. Yes, I think the majority of the creatures on this planet are dumb. Something like 99.99%. I think it was a chance happening that led to humans. Humans are the only ones capable of complex language (well, chimpanzees, perroquets are capable), abstract thought, calculus/algebra, understanding physics/chemistry and manipulating and making artificial chemicals. However, it is interesting to note that the genetic differences between humans and other primates is small. This could mean that a few more genetic changes might lead to humans losing their abilities. Sounds like you think if the probability of something to happen is low and if that thing happens, then this validates your idea of a god.
      10. Well, couldn’t this jewish god make it so that rainbows have an end and there is a pot of gold at the end? The answer has to be a yes. Let’s say the jewish god doesn’t exist and there are multiple universes as some scientists suggest. Isn’t it possible that in one of these universes leprechauns and pots of gold exist? So, it looks like you want a quality example but why bother. The guy is talking to a brainwashed christian who will believe in any ridiculous thing, including 1+1=3.

    2. You should first try to understand what “theory” means. If all evidence points in one direction, then it is a theory. For example, if you find a chocolate box in your couch, it´s empty and you find traces of chocolate on the couch a THEORY is that it might have been someone that sat there and ate from the chocolate box. It´s not fact until you have seen it yourself or if there is a photo/video of it, but it is the most rational and logical conclusion to draw.

      What created the universe is unknown to us all (yes, even to you). Let´s call the thing that created time and space “X”. X can be anything. You just happen to say that this X is a god, mainly because you were raised to think so. But when you really think about it, this X can be ANYTHING, most likely something that our brains can’t comprehend. The only difference between atheists and you is that you say that this X is god and we just let this X remain an X until evidence supports something else.

      Lastly, your arguments that are supposed to validate bible are nothing compared to the countless of arguments against the bible. I suggest that you look up arguments against for example Noah´s ark and the book of genesis and please try to avoid arguments like “It´s just a metaphor” or “god made it possible”.

    3. Opinions? I’ll give you FACTS. To answer your questions or whatever:
      1. That actually makes the bible pretty unrealistic and not legit if it was made by more than 40 people over thousands of years. This is because languages change, and words and meanings become lost in translation or confusing. For example, if someone a thousand years from now tried to decipher this sentence “they are gay” they would have a hard time figuring out if they meant happy or homosexual. So many things could actually be wrong in the bible. But not to mention the fact that how could all of these people get a hold of this book and add onto it? It would be more realistic that it would have been destroyed by the people who killed jesus, or even just been destroyed by time. Nothing lasts forever, so how could a book last that long? And even if it did, again, how could it have been correctly translated?
      2. Just because people and places in the bible actually existed does not prove the existence of god. That would mean that any religion could be true cause they would most likely include the birthplace of their religion in their holy books.
      3. I’m not gonna respond to this one as I don’t care if there’s more than one god or whatever.
      4. I have no idea where you got this from, plus I think you’re thinking about parallel universes or multiple dimensions (which still aren’t “widely accepted” or whatever, it’s just a “what if” situation). And if god created reality then where did HE come from? He can’t have just suddenly appeared. And he couldn’t have created reality cause it’s too complex to have been created. Plus, if he existed OUTSIDE of reality, then he’s not in reality, meaning that he’s not real. Therefore, he does not exist.
      5. I didn’t watch the video so I have no idea where you were going with this one, but from my point of view you are right about numbers just being a name we gave to identify quantities.
      6. Again, I have no idea where you were going with this or what you were trying to prove.
      7. Actually, we don’t believe that the big bang theory happened because it is just that. A theory. It may or may not have happened, we don’t know and we most likely will never know how the universe came about. That’s how religions came about; people trying to come up with how we exist (but this was all before humans started putting more effort into science, so a lot of ideas were very unrealistic back then, such as the other planets and sun revolving around the earth, or the world being flat.) So nobody knows how our universe or life started. And again, nothing can exist outside of reality. You might want to change your argument to saying that your god lives in a different reality than ours.
      8. I don’t know why you decided to make this a separate bullet point from number 6, let alone point another point in between them so by then I’ve forgotten about the one this is referring to. But I’m too lazy to go and look for the video (I don’t even know what you were trying to prove in number 6 anyway).
      9. Again, no idea where this is coming from, but no. Computers are not 100% secure. That’s how viruses can get in or people can track your computer and phone. Almost nothing has a 100% probability of happening or not happening. So yes, life started because of chance. Edit: Now that I’ve gone back reread what you wrote a few more times, I think I understand what you were trying to say. You’re trying to say that the odds of humans coming about are higher than a computer’s security succeeding. Which may or may not be true. You don’t know how hard it was for humans or life in general to start, no one does. Even if the bible is true, god never said if creating life was easy or hard. So we don’t know how high the possibility of life starting, therefore you can’t compare it to the odds of a computer’s security.
      10. I’m guessing this came from the video? Either way, I agree. Using leprechauns as a way to prove something is really stupid.

    4. How about those who do not see so do not believe. The religious do not know human origin either but at least atheist are honest admitting the same. The arrogant religious know “god’s” mind and the origin of the universe without the slightest evidence. Evolution could not be more factual. A “Theory” holds the highest place in science such as the theory of gravity for example. I have walked into dark rooms many times in my life, turned out the light and never even thought about everything else not existing. Sounds like an interesting thought experiment. I’ll have to try that.

  20. How can you discuss if you cannot tell the difference between faith and evidence.
    If a claim has evidence, you need less faith. The more proof you get the less faith you need.
    Ideas based on priesthood or scripture is called faith.
    If science provides evidence against any theory, then we must question that theory.
    If science provides evidence against the god theory, then we must question that theory too.
    She was taught that faith is a virtue and reliable. This is easily refuted, (as in every other faith).
    Therefore she assumes her faith is based on evidence. Some arguments such as appeal to design are very intuitive. Some psychology such as fear of death are very persuasive. However faith means precisely no evidence. They are mutually exclusive epistemologicies.

  21. Atheists should watch videos on near death experiences that will change their tune, Because God and Jesus are real. Don’t let Satan fool you

  22. The 1+1=3 thing is a nonsensical premise sort of like, is God powerful enough to make a rock so big that he himself can’t lift it? She would have done better to have left it alone.

    The point she was trying to make was God has no limits.

    It is a very personal thing to choose to believe in God or not. There are brilliant minds who are believers and brilliant minds who are not.

    It is the small minds on both sides of this debate (not withstanding their IQ) who ridicule.

  23. 1 + 1 = 3 if her Gods wills it? There you have it, the endorsement of logical contradictions. This is what religion does to the human brain and it isn’t pretty.

  24. There is as much evidence for Jesus’ existing as there is any figure of antiquity. Any serious historian will concede this. And as far as Jesus’s resurrection, the apostles went to their death as a witness to what they saw. Christians were persecuted and put to death by Rome for centuries for their profession of faith in Christ. All this is recorded history.

  25. This man has religious beliefs that Jesus, and the Word of God is not true. He has no proof for that. He “likes to try to get people to think”. She can stand more boldly in her faith than this man can for anything. “A weak God who can’t convince a mere human to believe”? He’s tried every moment of your life. It’s your willful ignorance that you choose not to see. Romans 1:18-21King James Version (KJV)

    18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    I’m sure this man doesn’t have the guts to study this thing out and find out for himself. This young Godly woman had 1000x the courage this man has.

  26. I think this young lady did an excellent job defending the faith.

    I agree with Pope John Paul II when he said that ‘faith without reason is mere superstition and that reason without faith devolves to relativism and meaninglessness’

    It is not irrational to come to the conclusion that there is a realm outside of the purely physical.

    1) The apostles gave witness to the truth of Jesus’ resurrection at the cost of their lives. Their witness was so powerful it started a religion that still exists 2000+ years later in spite of the greatest power in the world at the time, Rome, trying to extinguish it. We have yet to hear from the followers of the leprechaun!

    2) The Shroud of Turin – The Carbon 14 test done in the late 1980’s which dated it it the middle ages is flawed. The thread that was submitted was discovered to have been taken from a corner of the cloth that was patched in the middle ages. All other indicators point to first century Jerusalem. The most recent testing reveals the image appears to be caused by rapid dehydration as would occur only from an extremely quick burst of intensely powerful light. We do not have the technology to reproduce this even with our most sophisticated lasers. The image is also 3 dimensional and has the properties of an x-ray.

    3) The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe which appears on the cloak of St. Juan Diego in the Cathedral in Mexico City. – NASA scientists can offer no explanation on how the image was imprinted on the Tilma

    4) Fatima Portugal October 1917 – The miracle of the sun witnessed by over 70 thousand people. This event was reported on by a secular newspaper ‘O Seculo’ which was hostile to religion.

    5) The probability of a single cell along with its DNA arising spontaneously from inanimate matter is so infinitesimally small that even atheistic scientists are speculating that life may have been seeded here by aliens!

  27. “Is that a smart thing to do” what could go wrong believing in a beautiful creator? This athiests believes in loneliness, death and fear, Good on her for standing up for her faith it’s called spirituality you feel God from within and know that he protects this Negro is stupid and ignorant, laughing at her scornfully, On judgement day I wouldn’t want to be in his persecuting shoes going around harassing people trying to get them to Denounce God SMFH what a tool

  28. Eye witness (over 500) saw Jesus after the crucifixion and burial. They wrote it down… first hand accounts, the Proof that you are looking for. The prophecy that Jesus completed defy the odds, there is a fascinating MIT study on the percentage of this happening. Your questions make it clean that you do on know the history document in the Bible. Marcel… you will know the truth seconds after your death. Faith in Christ only. Good luck brother.

  29. why is this channel targeting mainly christians. you must feel intimidated by the TRUTH.. As for the weak in faith welcome him and not quarrel over opinions Romans 14:1.. in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers preventing them from the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ,made in the likeness of God.2 corinthians 4:4. why dont you do something productive with your time ,i dont know…like Reading the word of God and knowing the truth instead of chastising people.

  30. By the way you should change the video description to A Christian girl defending her belief in God-not trying to defend her belief in God-she didn’t TRY she DID-

  31. 1+2=3 if you ask me I change the name of the number two and call number two three . one three two , it just the name on a number . If a person is blind or deaf, how do you think the will pronounce the number two?? it would not sound the same as us .

  32. the girl did great expressing her ideas and beliefs however she should study the Bible some more to get sharper and wiser when facing this kind of opposition because 2 Timothy 2:23,says Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.This guy is obviously warped and sinning because it’s easier to not believe in God because these people that love their sin-don’t want to be accountable to no one and if there is(which I KNOW there is because I have a personal testimony)a God-then they will have to give an account for the things they’ve done or way they have lived…sad that the girl gave him so much of her precious and valuable time.If only he realized what a jewel he had in his presence.If it would of been me I have zero tolerance for bullshit-I wouldn’t of wasted that much time trying to convince him.I would of told him to go to hell.yup 🙂

  33. respect to you my friend.. an amazing example of a true believer who isn’t afraid to admit what you feel is true.. It’s great to see such people with a strong faith in jesus in this falling world

  34. this girl should’ve ended this long time ago, its obvious this guy is an atheist and a messenger of the old snake Satan who questions God’s infinite wisdom and shall soon be thrust into eternal damnation along with the fallen angel lucifer himself. He’s doing the same thing Lucifer did when he appeared before Job and Jesus Christ but their faith was strong and were not to betray God and so is this girl. Blessed are those who believe in Him and they shall be granted eternal life that glorious day when He appears on the clouds.

  35. this girl has touched my heart!! i came from a christian family as well but growing up it was like an obligation/ resposibility for me to believe and to serve God but through time i have proven myself that God is indeed the one true God to be praised! i have went through situations that really proved God’s existence & goodness. i pray that people would feel the conviction that we have..

  36. Every religion in the world uses faith and only your’s is the right religion, do you not see a problem there? if faith can lead you to a religion that is not true it shows that faith can not be a pathway to truth.

  37. Just goes to show that when you have no arguments or real evidence for something, all you can do is say “I believe” or “I have faith”… It’s just so sad that people chose not to use their rational thinking about religion.

  38. We don’t choose our beliefs. We’re either convinced of something or we’re not. It’s not a matter of will. (As many religious people seem to think). No matter how hard I try I could never convince myself the the moon is made of cheese.

  39. And Hindu believe God came down to Earth to become a Monkey. Christianity and Hinduism are in the same boat. Really. Yet they deny one another. Only Islam leads to the Truth. Worship the Creator. Not His creation.

  40. This is why christians need to be vigilant and truly search because the evidence is there. Science has backed God up! The world will ask these questions to disprove Christianity.

  41. I’m not even mad. She has been taught this way since she was a young child to regurgitate everything she was taught in the church. I was like that until about 4 years ago. The more I identified each of the chapters in the bible rather than just singing and listening to a single daily lesson, the more I began to realize the brainwashing. If I was him I would have emphasized the silly chapters in the bible that are near “mandatory” lessons. Such as Samson, Moses, Job, Noah.. Etc. To where out of those alone, you have idiotic stories. Samson= long hair superpowers, kills 3000? people with his powers growing back. Moses in his day a man was determined to be killed for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. Job’s life was placed on a bet between the god and Lucifer. Noah.. well God killed everyone then. Really.. being a Biology major it blows my mind, but of course it is to those who fear death or those who are conditioned that listen and follow the similar path.

  42. I’m sorry but this is why atheists see most theists as complete idiots. Some people are so mentally enslaved that not even the truth sets them free (smdh)

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