video : a Christian trying to defend her belief in God


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  1. “Is that a smart thing to do” what could go wrong believing in a beautiful creator? This athiests believes in loneliness, death and fear, Good on her for standing up for her faith it’s called spirituality you feel God from within and know that he protects this Negro is stupid and ignorant, laughing at her scornfully, On judgement day I wouldn’t want to be in his persecuting shoes going around harassing people trying to get them to Denounce God SMFH what a tool

  2. Eye witness (over 500) saw Jesus after the crucifixion and burial. They wrote it down… first hand accounts, the Proof that you are looking for. The prophecy that Jesus completed defy the odds, there is a fascinating MIT study on the percentage of this happening. Your questions make it clean that you do on know the history document in the Bible. Marcel… you will know the truth seconds after your death. Faith in Christ only. Good luck brother.

  3. why is this channel targeting mainly christians. you must feel intimidated by the TRUTH.. As for the weak in faith welcome him and not quarrel over opinions Romans 14:1.. in whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers preventing them from the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ,made in the likeness of God.2 corinthians 4:4. why dont you do something productive with your time ,i dont know…like Reading the word of God and knowing the truth instead of chastising people.

  4. By the way you should change the video description to A Christian girl defending her belief in God-not trying to defend her belief in God-she didn’t TRY she DID-

  5. 1+2=3 if you ask me I change the name of the number two and call number two three . one three two , it just the name on a number . If a person is blind or deaf, how do you think the will pronounce the number two?? it would not sound the same as us .

  6. the girl did great expressing her ideas and beliefs however she should study the Bible some more to get sharper and wiser when facing this kind of opposition because 2 Timothy 2:23,says Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.This guy is obviously warped and sinning because it’s easier to not believe in God because these people that love their sin-don’t want to be accountable to no one and if there is(which I KNOW there is because I have a personal testimony)a God-then they will have to give an account for the things they’ve done or way they have lived…sad that the girl gave him so much of her precious and valuable time.If only he realized what a jewel he had in his presence.If it would of been me I have zero tolerance for bullshit-I wouldn’t of wasted that much time trying to convince him.I would of told him to go to hell.yup 🙂

  7. respect to you my friend.. an amazing example of a true believer who isn’t afraid to admit what you feel is true.. It’s great to see such people with a strong faith in jesus in this falling world

  8. this girl should’ve ended this long time ago, its obvious this guy is an atheist and a messenger of the old snake Satan who questions God’s infinite wisdom and shall soon be thrust into eternal damnation along with the fallen angel lucifer himself. He’s doing the same thing Lucifer did when he appeared before Job and Jesus Christ but their faith was strong and were not to betray God and so is this girl. Blessed are those who believe in Him and they shall be granted eternal life that glorious day when He appears on the clouds.

  9. this girl has touched my heart!! i came from a christian family as well but growing up it was like an obligation/ resposibility for me to believe and to serve God but through time i have proven myself that God is indeed the one true God to be praised! i have went through situations that really proved God’s existence & goodness. i pray that people would feel the conviction that we have..

  10. Every religion in the world uses faith and only your’s is the right religion, do you not see a problem there? if faith can lead you to a religion that is not true it shows that faith can not be a pathway to truth.

  11. Just goes to show that when you have no arguments or real evidence for something, all you can do is say “I believe” or “I have faith”… It’s just so sad that people chose not to use their rational thinking about religion.

  12. We don’t choose our beliefs. We’re either convinced of something or we’re not. It’s not a matter of will. (As many religious people seem to think). No matter how hard I try I could never convince myself the the moon is made of cheese.

  13. And Hindu believe God came down to Earth to become a Monkey. Christianity and Hinduism are in the same boat. Really. Yet they deny one another. Only Islam leads to the Truth. Worship the Creator. Not His creation.

  14. This is why christians need to be vigilant and truly search because the evidence is there. Science has backed God up! The world will ask these questions to disprove Christianity.

  15. I’m not even mad. She has been taught this way since she was a young child to regurgitate everything she was taught in the church. I was like that until about 4 years ago. The more I identified each of the chapters in the bible rather than just singing and listening to a single daily lesson, the more I began to realize the brainwashing. If I was him I would have emphasized the silly chapters in the bible that are near “mandatory” lessons. Such as Samson, Moses, Job, Noah.. Etc. To where out of those alone, you have idiotic stories. Samson= long hair superpowers, kills 3000? people with his powers growing back. Moses in his day a man was determined to be killed for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. Job’s life was placed on a bet between the god and Lucifer. Noah.. well God killed everyone then. Really.. being a Biology major it blows my mind, but of course it is to those who fear death or those who are conditioned that listen and follow the similar path.

  16. I’m sorry but this is why atheists see most theists as complete idiots. Some people are so mentally enslaved that not even the truth sets them free (smdh)

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