video : a Christian trying to defend her belief in God


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  1. there are beliefs in a lot of different Gods …

    10 million years of evolution and muslims still have very little intellect and below average IQ and prone to aggression. They have stone age brains in a modern world. They are extremely dangerous and are sworn to destroy your country. Their religion requires them to kill the infidel and in case you missed it, that means you. Australian women find out how brutal these animals are when they date or marry one..They force her to the ground and cut the labia off of her vagina to please mohaomad. When a little girl turns 5 they cut her labia off too. Muslims have zero respect for women. They will beat and rape you at anytime. They say their religion commands them to keep a woman in line. Mohamad took a 5 year old girl as his bride. He said that he did not have sex with her until she turned 9. They are sick and you turned the country over to them. They will destroy you and will not stop trying to until they do. More than 2 thousand Swedish woman have been brutally raped in the name of islam. Their brothers as they call them stood by and watched. They are just as guilty of the perpetrators. If muslims were decent people they would dispense justice the way Saudi Arabia does to animals like these men. Muslim leaders say nothing to condemn this cancer on all of humanity and everything decent. May God have mercy on their souls

  2. liked on YouTube

    I just salute her, Believing in something that world thinks as crazy and stupid is the boldest step any soul can take (even if there is sufficient reasoning to back it up). This bold move or in some cases social suicide, is just enough to reflect that, “This ought to be true!”

    PS: This guy should be from a lepricon faith family 😛 No offence.

  3. Marcel, learn to argue and counter! You should have jumped on her comment that the Bible is an eyewitness account, and that Biblical stories are proven by science! Instead, you let her ramble on without any competent counter!?!

  4. The null-hypothesis.
    Any god with omni-attributes is impossible.
    I can remember being a small tiny preschool child and just not understanding why others believed in magic such as the
    Tooth fairy
    Santa Claus delivering presents
    Gods with Omni-attributes
    Demigods including jesus

  5. im a little suspicious of some of this mans motives for making these videos…i mean, look at the “angle” of these videos, and the consistsncy of the subjects who he is filming (using this particular camera angle)…young, pretty white girls who are cosistantly filmed in this SAME-PROVOCOTIVE POSITION…HMMMM.

    What kind of movie can you think of that uses this position of filming….just saying. I went through many of this mans videos to check out the camera angles, and it never fails, when he is filming a male subject he aims the camera “straight-on”…when it is an older, or less attractive woman, he again aims the camera “straight-on”…but when ever it is a “pretty-little white girl” he aims the camera in this subtlely-provocative “position”…This girl cannot be but 13 or 14 years old…look at her, I would be Shocked if she was even 15 …What the hell is this Grown-ass man doing even talking to her?

  6. The first evidence that I will give FOR the existence of God is : There is NO EVIDENCE to the contrary.

    the second piece of evidence that I will throw into the the ring is : The only way to get to “being” (as in the “being of the phenomenon”) , is by an Ontological study of the “Phenomenon of being”. In Jean-paul sartre’ book called “Being and nothingness” he, at the end of part one (the pusuit of being), he states ” It seems we have arrived at the “being of the phenomenon” (…..), and all that we can say of “being” is THAT IT IS.
    He makes another interesting statement in regard to conscousness “for-itself”…”Nothingness is a borrowed existence on the surface of being”

    Immanuel Kant (a true philosophers philosopher) said, speaking of being, in his book titled “critique of pure reason” states “All objects are divisible, being (in-itself) is impenetrable”.

    These great philosophers of knowledge both arrive at the same conclusion in regard to “being”, and that its impossible to create it, or to truely KNOW what it is to Be-being in itself, yet you can divide and manipulate its parts all you want, and the Only way to arrive at this undiferentiated plentitude, is by an ontological study. Which brings us to meta physics. If enough evidence is brought together we can be assured of a Truth that lies just beyond the reach of knowledge (epistemology).

    Taking facts from the world around us, and the ontological study of the worlds first-class philosophical brains, we arrive at the fact that not only does man fail at truly arriving at being itself, he fails even worse at creating anything at all. Not even a grain of sand can be created under the most favorable conditions, let alone the layers of complexity in life itself. as a falible-mortal human, my self awareness alone would qualify me to be a greater achievemant than the universe itself, that is if the universe was merely a non-sentient contingent.
    I could go on and on, but i will stop here for now…I hope this points sceptics in the right direction. So obviously I am saying that the evidence points so far in favor of God that it is in effect a DONE DEAL.

  7. ‘When a disease is cured it is a miracle’

    No, it is the result of hundreds of years of medicine, science, and some of the greatest and most hard working minds of the past few centuries. Stop trying to take away the credit from the people who may save your life one day.

  8. Everyone is allowed to say what they believe. I agree with him though, I think its funny how if you don’t follow the sheep than your considered an outsider. If a person doesn’t believe in some kind or version of a religion than that person will endure some type of hellish existence for all eternity….lol. Now that is hilarious, in this day and age everyone wants and even needs to question everything because of validity. I truly feel that religion in a general aspect is a forced business. For example, if a person were to believe and worship some deity in which to OBEY (hence: be submissive) to these created regulations then that person would be ascended to some magical eternal bliss. BUT, if you don’t believe then you are not only considered an “Outcast”, “Poor Soul”, etc but you are also going to spend and eternity in a hellish “pit”…lol. In continuation, it is in human nature to want to extend ones’ life as long as possible, this is the reason why the medical realmeven existed. Taking that into consideration than it can be said that the only reason why people want to believe in any form of religion is because we as human beings want to live forever due to that fact of FEAR in not knowing what happens when a we die. It is the business of FEAR that will make a person believe in ANY outlandish stories. Finally ask yourself how many people who honestly BELIEVE in any form of religion if the believer would not get something in return? How many religions would actually exist if the believer was not promised some type of enteral bliss? Now lets say that you have a group of ten people lined up next to each other and you whisper a short 1 minute story and then walk over to the end of that line and let the last person tell you “their” version of that same story you had created at first, it is a guarantee that the story would have changed. Reason for this is because every person wants to leave their “touch” in the story. Now think about that concept and apply that to 2000 years or longer (depending on what religion) of a story, how much would that story change? Finally ask yourself this as well if a person who believes in “Religion A” is happy and content and another person who believes in “Religion B” feels the same way, then couldn’t we make a conclusion that it is our minds and NOT a religion which gives us true bliss? How can a someone say “I believe in blank religion, and since he/she believes in another kind of religion they are going to hell” ? How can so many people who believe in a religion be so certain about the understanding of a scripture in a book. But when asked various questions about why that particular scripture was written or why the book was even created it is then that true lack of knowledge begins to unveil its true self. Two certainties in life, one day it will end and second we will find out if there truly in a enteral bliss or hell. But this a conversation that we can continue after we pass. Until then 😉 good luck to all, question everything….if not then be prepared to be taken advantage of.

  9. TO ALL CHRISTIANS OUT THERE STAY TRUE TO THE LORD OUR GOD! DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THOSE WHO TRY TO DECEIVE YOU! STAY TRUE TO GOD! GOD WILL GUIDE THOSE WHO TRUST IN HIM! what ever happens God is there. With God all things are made possible! Therefore continue to put your trust in God, and serve God. Do not do evil or go against God, but listen to what God has commanded of you. At my old church I was confirmed as a member of that church, and as a Christian. Each of us had to choose a Bible verse to say in front of the congregation, which was known as our confirmation verse. Mine was Psalm 20:6-7 “Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed, and he shall answer him from his Holy Heaven with the saving might of his right hand. 7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we trust in the name of the Lord our God”. I was 14 then, I am still only 16 but in those two years this verse has helped me greatly. it ensures me that as long as I trust in God and obey him, everything will be okay. and I will continue to trust in God regardless of what happens or what people may say. I only hope that all others do too! so let us not disobey God, but let us go in peace and serve and obey the one and only True God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! AMEN!

  10. FAITH: Faith is an assertion of absolute conviction that is assumed without reason and is defended against all reason; further, an unreliable pathway to understanding and knowledge.

  11. If I was made by a god from nothingness and magic, than he can destroy me from existence after I die (or anytime I guess). My soul burning in hell for eternity after I die, assuming he doesn’t like me, makes no sense if he could just destroy my soul from existence when I die. What’s the point of running a hell; isn’t that just a waste of energy? If I go to paradise when I die, then my soul lives forever in peace with the other accumulating souls up there that he created? If you’re a god creating universes, what is the point of that? So Christians believe: god is ultimately a ‘soul collector’ of the souls he made, but only collects the ones he likes and tortures forever, the souls he doesn’t like and that is the point of Christianity?…………Seriously?

  12. God is real beyond a reasonable doubt. Look around you. The fact that you exist testifies to the existence of a creator. The fact that there is a creation at all points to a Creator. That Creator loves us more than we could possibly realize. He loves us so much He came to Earth and died so that we can have a new life in Him. His name is Jesus and He is coming back

  13. You have faith yourself sir. Everyone has faith, even faith that 1 + 1 = 2. Also, I believe you do believe in God, you just hate Him so much you want to disbelieve in Him and get everyone else to do the same. There is a great book for you called The Reason for God by Dr. Timothy Keller, I highly recommend this book for you. God bless you bro.

  14. why bully her for her belief? had she not been Christian or white this would not be acceptable every organization would have come out against this

  15. Why is it socially exceptable to bully and delegitimize Christianity but doing the same to Hebrews is Anti-Semetic, doing the same to Islam is Islamaphobic and criticism to any other religion is just bigoted. ?

  16. I am not a history scholar, but I know that
    Richard Carrier is an expert in this area of history.
    You can read his books regarding the historicity of the Jesus character.
    He has done many debates about this, many are online[where my knowledge of this specific subject comes from]
    I was born an atheist and was lucky enough not to be indoctrinated as a child ,
    as my parents wanted me to make my own mind up.
    I have never seen any evidence to suggest a supernatural agent, such as the Abrahamic gods, actually exist.
    I only see natural causes, including animal/natural morality.

  17. What about the older religions and gods that also promise an afterlife.
    What about the ancient gods, born on 25th December.. to a virgin?… such as the much older gods;
    Krishna…. you could even check out Appolonius.
    In England we originally had a yuletide festival which fell just after the winter solstice, which the Christians hijacked when they got money and power… just like the pagan festival of Eostre which was at the spring half- equinox .
    The Abrahamic religions that have evolved from the same stories such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, etcetera are all young compared to the holy book the Bhagavad-Gita……which is thousands of years older than the old testament

  18. For Americans;
    E-PLURIBUS-UNUM is your motto.
    Although maybe deist at the time of writing the constitution none of the founding fathers were Christmas, in fact a couple were anti-chris and for the religious ;
    There is no afterlife.
    Any gods with omni-attributes can Not exist… it’s not possible.
    ;~) Love&Science

  19. Picking on young Christians who are not well equipped to defend their faith…. Very admirable and impressive! Your objections to the Christian God are not well founded and if you truly looked for answers you would find them

  20. I’m sorry but she is contradicting herself at every turn. It doesn’t look like she is used to thinking…
    “Do you know that god exists like you know that 1+1=2 ?”
    “Yes, I have seen evidence(mystery word) that proves his existence and…I have FAITH that is true”.

    Further ahead
    “The book I believe in is proof of my God because its accounts are based on truthful eyewitnesses but other gods related books are false because the accounts are not based on eyewitnesses”

    The fucking arrogance of this girl, what a pile of stinking shit. This girls beliefs should be a freaking lesson in humility to many of you Christians out there.

  21. what us the problem with all the atheists out there. you feel superior to theists? So absurd. what did this girl do to you to bother her because she believes something else? it’s a waist of time and I dont see the point of going ballist because people dont believe what you believe.

  22. I’ve seen a man that was dead for 45 minutes, because of a heart attack, and in less than a week, he was up and moving comfortably at home for 2 more years. There are more miracles that I’ve seen, but that is one my favorites. Honestly the guy made no sense most of the time.

  23. Atheists……. Stand and be strong ………………… Christians have no argument , just insults and empty points . we have sanity, what do they have ????????????? nothing (except delusion)

  24. 1 finger + 1 finger = 2 fingers .. this will never change…Maths is not a belief or faith or something similar .. its in other words Logic.. and its not created or set by any rules .. Maths never Lie. And nobody can change that,not even your god

  25. Christians ……. Stand and be strong ………………… athiests have no argument , just insults and empty points .
    we have hope , what do they have ????????????? nothing

  26. Keep strong in the faith brothers and sisters , the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Good to see a sister who doesn’t budge on her faith. Every negative comment will encourage me to comment more. So bring it on Satan.

  27. I think it’s funny how this liberal generation is trying to teach acceptance of everyone and all religions but the one Religion that is rarely accepted is Christianity. What happened to love and tolerance for all. Liberals will stand up for an oppressed muslim but not a Christian. Personally as a Christian there is no greater joy than to be persecuted defending my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The more the haters come the stronger I become. Jesus died on the cross for me and I’ll do any thing for Him

  28. Who proposed the expanding model of the universe? That’s right, Catholic priest and Belgium physicist, Georges Lemaitre. Does this mean that Catholics are intellectually superior? No. You are not inherently dumb nor intelligent simply based on whether you are a theist or an atheist.

  29. ALBERT EINSTEIN , MARIE CURIE , ISAAC NEWTON ,CHARLES DARWIN , GALILEO GALILEI These are some legends of science who believed in god. Do I need to say anything else?

    ps:Marcel Lee go take a class on abstract algebra before you harass poor girls in parks on operators.I may not have “evidence” but trust me on this one she was talking more sense than you about addition.Just ask any mathematician.

  30. Hey man! Stop trying to be like you understand abstract algebra cause obviously you don’t.Why don’t you pick someone your own size ? Any mathematician will school your ass so bad that you will forget all about harassing poor girls in parks. One plus one equals two my ass! Do you know there tribes in the world that can count only up to three? Go and tell them about your two fingered soldier.

  31. This crazy girl not only swallowed the hook, line, and sinker, she got the pole, boat and the fisherman too. I had to laugh when she said there was scientific evidence of Jesus rising from the dead. LMFAO.

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