video : Christian girls trying to justify their belief in God


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  1. They are not required to justify it. All they need to do is sincerely believe it and embrace a relationship with Jesus; through that personal relationship, HE WILL PROVE to them that He exists and He is God.

    As far as justification goes, He’ll prove that also.

    To the entire world — when it’s His time.

    Until then, have a ball. 😊

  2. Faith is what saves you. Faith in something you have no proof of or facts about. Its very simple. Free choose. The bible is very complicated and most who are serious about learning the bible go to a special school to learn the bible. As my friend who is a preacher explained it to me is this….most churches these days preach a totally different sermon than whats in the bible as truth. The churches say we must go to church to be saved we must be baptised we must do all these things in order to be saved and go to heaven….But my friend says Jesus died for all of our sins when he died on the cross..past,present, and future so that when we enter into heaven we are perfect beings in his eyes. As long as we trusted in him and had faith in him all those years when we had no proof and no hard facts that he is real….that is why he hugs us and welcomes us because we believe in him and the price he paid for us. Nothing we can ever do here on earth will save us EXCEPT FAITH IN JESUS ALONE. That means jesus and if I go to church every sunday, jesus and if I feed the homeless or give the chruch all my money. Nothing we could ever do on this earth will save us and send us to heaven BUT once you believe in him nothing you do or man can do that will pluck you from his hand. Your faith has a lot of power the exact thing he was denied at the time of his death. Repent means change of mind…all you have to do is belive Jesus died to pay your sin debt so you can be gifted enternal life with him in heaven.So he pays for my sins with all the pain and torture he went through and then being nailed to a cross for ME and DIES FOR ME and then he offers me ETERNAL LIFE, I am not going to be so stubborn that I risk my soul just for the sake of refusing to believe…I believe in a lot of things everyday so why is it so wrong or unbelieve thats all Jesus wants from us to give us his gift? As I said God(Jesus)knows his people so in my eyes this is a great test especially in today’s times….I choose to have faith and believe in what he did for me on the cross, he wants me to believe without evidence. Thats the whole point.

  3. The author of this channel clearly suffers from Father issues, hence his rebellion against the ultimate father figure. His insecurity is obvious.

    At 6:30 this author exposed himself when he got the basic fact that this universe has a definable birthdate wrong.

    As for the homosexual, Jesus saves.

  4. Once you know how to think, it empowers you far beyond those who only know what to think.

    That which can be asserted without evidence, can be rejected without evidence.
    Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence to back them.
    The burden of proof rests on those who assert a claim.

    Can God make a stone that is so heavy he himself can not lift it and then lift it?
    If you say ‘Yes’: Then he failed to create the stone in the first place, therefore, he is not all-powerful.
    If you say ‘No’: Then he can’t lift the stone, therefore, he is not all-powerful.
    At this point, as a devout christian, you would have to then either reject logic entirely or reject the bible definition of God.

    Try to look behind your head.
    What you can’t see is what you see when you’re dead.
    What you can’t hear is what you hear when you’re dead.
    What you can’t feel is what you feel when you’re dead.
    Anything you can’t experience in life, you will experience in death.

  5. I think the asian girl sees that her beliefs are irrational. She just can’t step over the line to say what she has believed her whole life is wrong.

  6. I love the conversation with the girl explaining the difference between faith and hope. She makes a great argument and never pushes her opinion. Very nice to see.

  7. Hmm you do raise good points but it looks like you choose to stop searching at a certain point Marcel. God gave you a brain to see his objective truths and proofs for his existence, and he gave you a heart so you could doubt in spite of the evidence for God…evidence that sadly was not discussed by anyone in this video. :/

  8. The universe isn’t eternal because all matter wears out, so is the universe, this is scientific provable by the second law of thermodynamics. =)

    Ironically Marcel uses the latin word universe which is Latin which means a one spoken sentence/verse.

    God said: Let there be. =D

  9. 2:07 Perfect example on how man created god. It is in our human nature that everything that occurs to us happens because of another being. So it is natural for us that even when there is appararently nobody who is responsible for sth (your exustence etc), we want to thank sb for it, so we create a being in our heads. This aspect is huge in religion and it can be fully understood by evolutionary reasons.

  10. This guy know the but weak ones to ask a question to I pray that God send me someone I like him to ask me that question and I promise you he would believe by time he walk away that God is real

  11. It’s only a sin if someone acts upon homosexuality , the action is the sin, no one is sexual as a baby , your only sexual when you hit puberty so this dude is talking shit , homosexuality is caused by influences in ones life. Science doesn’t disprove god at all, all science does is shows us how things work not why . Science can’t prove or disprove a god because science doesn’t have the right tools to prove or disprove, it’s like giving someone a tape measure and then asking them how much they weigh …. it’s the wrong tool , science can’t test the supernatural .

    It’s funny how most atheists are homosexual, it boils down to emotions rather than intellect, because homosexuality is wrong in all religions and go against homosexuality so gays choose not to believe in a god

  12. Atheists have way more to loose than a theist because if there isn’t a god theists Have still lived a better cleaner life , if there is a god then atheists will go to hell And they have lived a worse life full of problems they could have prevented by believing in god .

    It’s a win win situation on the theist side,

  13. Calling someone “brainwashed” is extremely rude and dismissive. This is exactly the type of behavior that is considered harassing and bullying, not having a stimulating debate which is encouraging critical thinking.

  14. Believes and faith are always borrowed. They believe it to be true because it is written in some book. if you know anything it became fact. beliefs and faith are always baseless. “Sun rises in the east” you don’t have to believe it because you know it. If you work hard your can make any person believe anything. The right answer should be that ” I am searching for the truth called God” may exist, may not exist. The movement you believe anything, you stop searching.

  15. Can Atheists justify their belief in Evolution besides saying that American Judges decree it. Macro evolution has no scientific Evidence . That is observable. All of the happened from hundreds of thousands of years to Billions of years ago

  16. liked on YouTube

    It is funny that each one has different views and each one thought they were right. They just willy nilly dismissed the parts they had issues with. Like everyone sweeps the slavery parts under the rug. Pick and choose what you think is right and that makes it right. “I don’t believe a god would do this or that’. Cut and paste the bible.

  17. satanists always pick on woman, its their fathers idea, who picked on EVE and not ADAM. Notice all these videos about “A christian trying to defend their belief in GOD” are all female? Come On Man… talk to me, I’ll shut you up faster than bride taking off her nightgown.

  18. Ask her, did she chose to be a homosexual? that gets down to the root of knowledge. If she does not have a choice, then it must be innate. if it is innate, then her god created her that way, if so why is he punishing people he made with mistakes.

  19. You said that God has not provided you with what you consider to be proof? I can prove to you the Bible is true with links. I’ll help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together because God does want you to go to heaven. God is not willing that any should perish. : ) I am someone who needs to know that the evidence backs up what I believe so I have done the research and the Bible is proven true every time. Pick where you want to begin and lets get you mind convinced.

    1. I see nothing but your baseless assertions. No proof. No evidence. The bible is full of lies and contradictions but that doesn’t mean that there are not some trivially true things in it.

  20. Time itself was created by God. There was no Before God because God created time. : ) Space and Time are connected. That’s why it is called a space time continuum, quantum physics has discovered further dimensions beyond these who’s existence is evidence for the further dimensions beyond these that are evidence for the unexplainable / spiritual nature of the world around us. Its all part of the same creation. To say that we cant wrap our mind around God therefore He does not exist is foolish. Think about it. If God does exist we would not expect Him to fit into our limited understanding anymore than we would expect an ant to comprehend advanced calculus. We where not created to understand God, we where created for a relationship with God.

    1. “Time itself was created by God.” Assertion without evidence. Time is in evidence, where’s your ever vanishing deity? Your second sentence is just a recapitulation of the first and again nothing but a baseless assertion.

      “Space and time are connected.” Not necessarily. Time is a function of matter in motion. Delta t. Anyway, Nate, you have absolutely no idea what you’re “talking” about. Believing in deities is foolish.

      1. God is the one holding you together at an atomic level and the fact that you do not burst into billions of subatomic particles is proof of His kindness and mercy. : )

  21. religion : a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects

    I think atheism is also a religion. They don’t have evidence to deny God’s existence. They just think that God doesn’t exist and, all of these things that we see came from the big bang which is not observable so it requires faith to believe in it. If I ask this man about his belief like he did to this girl I’m super sure that he won’t be able to answer and I can deny atheism. You can’t pick random person to ask these things because not every Christians memorize all the scriptures!! Ask christian philosophers or pastors or at least give her time to search it!

  22. Fact: Women are inferior to men in the bible. Here are some examples..Leviticus 21:9, Deuteronomy 25:11-12, Leviticus 12:2 and 12:5, Corinthians 11:3 and 11:8-9, Exodus 22:18-20, Judges 19:24-25, Timothy 2:11-14, Deuteronomy 22:22 and 22:24, Isaiah 7:14, Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Ephesians 5:22-24. Corinthians 14:34-35, Genesis 3:16, Hosea 13:16, Eccles all of it. Revelation 2:22-23. If your a christian woman and like most christians who don’t read or know what’s in their bible please read these verses. Then ask yourself why were you born let alone a christian? To serve men? To be burned, mutilated, amputated, raped, murdered, ashamed, submisive, silenced, stoned and sold. No matter what version you read it is very clear. Women are inferior to men in the bible and that’s an understatement. Knowledge is power especially for women today who still struggle to be heard and seen as equals. As a 35yo man I love you women for everything you do and have done for me. Wouldn’t be here without you. Have a lovely day.

  23. Believers are hanging on two hooks, they must not only face the fact that they may be wrong but they must also face the fact that people they loved taught them to believe something that was not true.

  24. The funny thing is that if the bible is saying homosexuality is a sin, then it’s saying homosexuality was going on at least 2000 years ago. So that sounds like homosexuality is normal.

  25. Believers are most likely WRONG! .. If one of the popular religion Gods does exist .. the majority of all God believers are going to Hell, cause they got it WRONG! .. But these believers never consider this or admit to it, and all claim they know they are right cause they feel it … but what they feel is more likely WRONG than right, that is a given … therefore their belief is nothing more than a delusion.

  26. so his truth is different from her “truth”. Pascals wager huh? good reply though. good videos man. i subscribed. I’ve only watched 2 but they were interesting and kinda funny. good work.

  27. Im a Christian struggling with my beliefs and sitting on the fence to some extent. I do believe someday I will come to faith and belief once again. However, having looked at both sides I have to say, people like this guy, are selfish, hateful, cruel people. Individuals have beliefs because its gives them sense of purpose and comfort in this life. These people in no way affect atheists if you choose to ignore them. What i dont understand is why this guy feels the need to tear away that sense of comfort and security from other lives. LIVE AND LET LIVE. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE YOU AWFUL, SPITEFUL, SELFISH PERSON!! have your views and respect other views.

    1. moron, why do you think it is better for them to have superstitions and delusions? wouldn’t it be better if they believe things that are true? you are an idiot. go back to your superstition, you don’t have the intellectual fortitude to handle not having a religion.

      1. A very gracious, kind and intelligent reply. Though id say my understanding of scientific theories such as the big bang and evolution is greater than yours. I am more than happy to be called a moron though. Good day :)

        1. id say my understanding of scientific theories such as the big bang and evolution is greater than yours.

          and what do you base this brilliant observation on?

            1. i am not angry, but i highly doubt that you are correct about it. in cosmology i am only an amateur, although a very interested one, but biology is my field.

              1. Thats fair enough. I apologise, I highly doubt I know as much as you then. As I said originally though I am trying to look at both sides. To be honest when we look at the things within this world that science cannot explain I find it very hard to say that God cannot exist, nevermind degrading the belief in a deity to mere delusion. It is this that I cannot understand about many atheists, if you dont believe in God that is acceptable but I dont feel it is acceptable to mock others no matter how much you disagree.

                I have found that many of those who mock any notion of a deity often have little understanding of their own atheistic viewpoints, you do not seem to be one of those people however.

                Anyway, Im saying no more. As one human being to another human being Id like to say I hope you find the answers you seek and have a life of peace and joy. Thats all Im trying to find too and I do believe (whether logical or illogical) that God is the only answer. I do respect your viewpoint though and I respect your right to mock mine. As we say in Northern Ireland ‘All the best, my friend!’ :)

                1. “To be honest when we look at the things within this world that science cannot explain I find it very hard to say that God cannot exist,”
                  that is called an argument from ignorance fallacy. i don’t say god can not exist, but the time to accept claims is when there is evidence for them. there is no evidence for a god, thus belief in god is irrational and deserves to be mocked. you don’t have the right not to be mocked of not to be offended.

    2. Im a Christian struggling with my beliefs and sitting on the fence to some extent. I do believe someday I will come to faith and belief once again. However, having looked at both sides I have to say, people like this guy, are selfish, hateful, cruel people. Individuals have beliefs because its gives them sense of purpose and comfort in this life. These people in no way affect atheists if you choose to ignore them. What i dont understand is why this guy feels the need to tear away that sense of comfort and security from other lives. LIVE AND LET LIVE. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE YOU AWFUL, SPITEFUL, SELFISH PERSON!! have your views and respect other views.

      it doesn’t appear these women are upset about talking about their beliefs. They can always say no thank you and leave. i don’t understand the live and let live comment so much. And if you don’t like watching these types of things you are free to watch something else. i watch because i love the question. it’s been interesting to me for 20 years now. I’ve read the bible several times (the gospels more than 20 probably) the Koran and Torah and some of the bhagavad gita and they all appear to be nothing more that local myths from different areas and time periods. They all make incorrect claims about the world around us and the 3 big religious have actually caused a large part of the world problems. Well anyway that’s my 2 cents. hopefully i didn’t sound too much like an ass. For the most part i don’t like religious people well i should say fundamentalist and i don’t think you fit that bill.

      1. i will say if you’re struggling with your beliefs you should try reading a few atheist books. a universe from nothing ( physicist Lawrence krauss ) is a nice one the selfish gene, the god delusion(Richard Dawkins are great books ) god is not great (Christopher Hitchens). the blind watchmaker (Richard Dawkins) or anything by Sam Harris( or his pod cast). They are all good authors idk how much your into reading. i don’t get to read near as much as I’d like to i have 2 toddlers lol so I’m usually busy. It seems to me you are interested in the question and you obviously have your doubts. if you’re anything like me you’d like to believe things that are true and not believe in things that aren’t. There a YouTuber named Aron Ra that has a good video series named refuting the irrefutable proof of god or something along those lines and he goes into depth and breaks down a lot of the theistic claims or”facts”. either way i think you may find them interesting. okay then have a great day

  28. So I’m saying; does faith lead to truth?


    It does? Really?

    I do believe it.

    You can believe and have as much faith as you like, but that doesn’t make your god real.Have you ever wondered why you happened to be born into the “right’ religion?

  29. this is what i ask Question Christians

    – So What do think about gays
    they will say it’s a sin.

    – where in the bible does it say so
    in Leviticus
    – but that is in the old testament.
    this the words of god

    – then i say according to bible in

    Deuteronomy 22:28 “If a man finds a girl who is a virgin, who is not engaged, and seizes her and lies with her and they are discovered, 29then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall become his wife because he has violated her; he cannot divorce her all his days.…

    The Quran requires four male witnesses (verses 4:15 and 24:4) to prove that zinaa occurred.
    This means that fornication and adultery are hard to prove, which would actually protect the perpetrators from punishment

    most of them will agree with this BS.

    – then i will ask them If someone rape daughter what will you do. every single one will killed the rapist..

    – to a Christian: according to your god you should reward the rapist by selling off your daughter, because she is now damaged goods. they will reply with that is the old testament.. ,but Leviticus is also in the old testament. So what is your point? plus new testament in Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.…

    – to Muslims i will say you need to find four male witnesses to prove she was rape.. when i walk away.. fucking idiots

  30. these people have obviously not applied their full intellect to analyzing their beliefs. They are typical of everyday Christians, who maintain their beliefs in the face of obvious contradictions by not thinking about it too deeply.

  31. Seems like people have a hard time defining truth. Truth is just the actuality of things as they exist. Truth is objective. There are also opinions which are subjective representations of truth. It’s strange they fail to grasp words that should be common knowledge.

    1. That’s how religion operates. They come up with a list of rules that are laid down by the Gods. If you transgress against the rules, the Gods will punish you, even to the extent of eternal damnation and torture. The rules include lots of prohibitions against things that you would normally like to do and against things that you can’t help doing sometimes. Thus, you are always in a state of sin. And here’s the thing – only the priests can mediate with the Gods to get you some forgiveness. Thus, you fall under the power of the priests who then act as parasites by confiscating some of your income assets and labour in exchange for obtaining said forgiveness.

      1. Evidence is not the same thing as proof. Just as beliefs are different than the truth.

        Words have meanings and all of the confusion going on in these discussions could’ve been avoided if people just said what they meant.

        Regarding the use of the word “truth” in place of belief is deliberate, make no mistake about that. Not saying these girls are deliberately saying those words, they’ve been conditioned to do so.

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