video : a college student arguing with me about religion and truth


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  1. Does the knife exist? One says yes, one no. Guy with knife stabs the one that says no. Does he get injured? I think the real issue is the introduction of supernatural beliefs mucking up belief and truth.

  2. Sexy as hell.. dumb as a rock. Although, she did destroy him with her argument on whether “sound” exists without a proper receptor. Let’s just hope that from this point forward, she only talks about “sound”.

  3. Yet she has colored hair, tons of makeup, fake eyebrows and she’s showing them titties. If she were to read her book, she’d find that her god is against that.

  4. That book (bible) has become part of European laws. That’s why they are burning muslamics babies through hell fire missiles with impunity in Afghanistan and middle east. That’s the origin of their law of barbarity – The bible of both jews and christian Europeans. They support even buddhist savages doing the same because of those laws.?

  5. Jesus is Lord. I highly recommend the book the Reason for God by Tim Keller. I doubt most atheists could make it cover to cover without accepting Jesus. He loves you and He died on the cross to pay for your sins.

  6. Fact is up to perception? Dumb.

    This girl lives in her own world of bullshit. I don’t know how she navigates through her daily life without constantly accidentally hurting herself. She seems to think perception is more important than reality.

  7. I’m not religious but his main point of god having to exist or not is objective to a certain degree and a logical fallacy. obviously when you get real black and white it does exist or it doesn’t but subjectivity comes in and you mix it with will power and belief, you cant be as black and white. especially when you say something like – you need real medicine to heal … but no your going to a witch doctor who gives you sugar and prays to god and you think you’ll heal, your crazy. happens today except when we go its just called a doctor, and they wont pray, they just give you a placebo. “truth isn’t subjective” 3:15 The placebo is completely subjective and the fact that he talks down to her is fucked, hes soooooo confident hes speaking absolute truth he doesn’t even analyse his own argument.

  8. … interesting is though that, based on the most up to date scientific conclusions, reality only exists if observed … which implies that reality is a kind of an illusion and exists only when we are “looking” at it and it might be subjective too, according to numerous quantum experiments, it seems that this, indeed, might be the case …

  9. I wonder if this girl when she does an exam and gets a number of things wrong, will go up to the teacher and say; “Well I didn’t give any wrong answers. It’s only your definition of the answer that makes it seem wrong. In my definition I answered everything correctly!”

  10. by the looks of these comments she speaks in a way that makes stupid people think she’s smart. probably the glasses add to that effect as well.

  11. If there is no one there to hear (percieve) the tree fall, that doesn’t make the air waves (which would lead to them hearing, were they there) magically settle back to normal and the tree stays up, even if pushed down by some force.

    Confusing definiton (‘did you technically hear it’) with the thing defined (the tree falling) is unacceptable fallacy.

    To believe the universe doesn’t exist or that 1+2 is something other than 3 or ever could be is a delusion.

    Her body language defies a certain cognitive dissonance but she seems decent and intelligent. She was definitely questioning her own views, but is holding on to them for some other reason. Perhaps she requires moral indifference to be OK for doing something she does in her life which she is not prepared to let go of.

  12. That girl is confused… okay now after watching a few videos I see Marcel is just a guy who goes and asks questions to get people thinking ?

    I think you did a good job Marcel. That girl literally has gone to college and dumped down…. MK Ultra…

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