video : a girl talking about her belief in a God


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  1. Had she been raised in a Muslim house hold she would have been a Muslim, so what else is new? Every believer believes they have the right religion and they believe in the right God, how thick must a person be to think like that?

      1. who is “you”? do what?

        I hear all the time that Christianity is “someone’s” way to make believers do “something”.

        do what? for what? and how is it a bad thing?

        1. Countries and governments use religion to start wars all the time. Just loo throughout history, people will do the governments bidding because they think they have god on their side. Just look at what’s going with the US and the muslims. Our government wants oil and power in the middle east and uses it’s people to fight for them by making it a religious war. It’s been happening for centuries.

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