video : a Christian getting “uncomfortable” by the questioning of her religion


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  1. She feels like? She only has to open her eyes. God is all around. Let’s start at the beginning. Doctors don’t know where babies get their “life” from. They know how they form in the womb but where does their conscientiousness come from and wakes them up? They just are, by design. Religion will say, they came from God.

    We could try to mimic it but we would have to program and provide fuel/energy etc. Humans and all animals, just are. As all of this world, space, elements, gravity etc.

  2. This fake christian girl is a bad actor. CHRISTIANS (real ones) dont just walk by blind faith like idiots. THATS WHAT ATHEISTS DO IN REGARDS TO EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCES. Christians have all the logic science and reasoning on their side. Atheists have blind faith in fairy tales that happened “long ago and far away”…literally thats how they think it all started…funny that haha.

  3. Uncomfortable with questions about your belief? Doesn’t that tell you something? The truth has nothing to fear from enquiry. Look at any false ideology and there will something there trying to stifle enquiry.

  4. Do u believe in life on other planets? If u Don’t ur retarded, if u do, do u really think they’re gonna be Christians ? Do u think a religious civilization would ever even be capable of interstellar space travel?

  5. Stay strong in the faith. Creation is Proof of God. You atheist believe that the earth was created from nothing which is a scientific impossibility so you atheist are living by blind faith and is Christians live by faith but also proof which is his creation. Romans 1 says that everyone will be without excuse because God is clearly seen in creation. The truth is USB that you atheist don’t want to believe in God because you love sin. You don’t want to be accountable for what you do

  6. If you know something is real then you’ve experienced proof that proves it’s real, but if you only believe something is real then you haven’t seen any proof that it’s real and you just believe in it being real, you either believe or know,not both, the Bible has rotted this girls brain by acting like an infallible guide so she has never worked out the logic and reason part of the brain and the brain is like a muscle parts that get input will get strong but parts that get no input atrophy, she’s used to her safe space of Christians that don’t use logic/reason

  7. Simple truth. If you want to know, look into it. I can tell you Christ is real, God is real, & you need to know that. I have a much greater faith in God than my faith in scientists. Notice I said scientists, not science.

    There is a good level of proof that God is, but you will Never prove that to an unwilling audience. Either side of this argument goes over the last hurdle in faith. That is atheists & Christians.

    All I can say is that if you claim it (atheism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.) you are the one who needs to back that claim. As always respect one another.

    God Bless

  8. PLEASE, for the love of humanity, stop saying “like” every 5 seconds… it’s a shit word that has no value or descriptive means…say Uhm, it’s okay to have a pause filler or whatever you call it…

  9. Religion it’s what’s fed to you as a child in most cases. If the girl who “Knows” Christianity is 100 correct was born into a Hindu family, it’s highly unlikely she’d be a Christian today.

  10. I have seen atheists highly uncomfortable in their belief that there is no God when presented with tough questions that their naturalistic world views cannot account for. Not everyone is an apologist with a prepared response. This video, demonstrates absolutely nothing. Nothing, which is what the atheist claims caused everything… Nothing caused everything to come into existence, life came from non life, and uniformity in nature from chaos. Now, who is guilty of blind faith? The atheist, obviously.

  11. have you never heard of the Holy Spirit

    because you’re either a Believer or you’re not and we’re all spiritual whether it’s a good spirit or bad spirit

  12. She’s uncomfortable with such a basic principle about her belief? It sounds like she’s quite uncertain about the very things she claims to believe.

  13. the question is not, do you believe in god? it shoud be which god is more plausable to the rational mind? you can have million gods, or 3 in 1 god, or 1 god! now which one can a child and an adult comprehend the most? and that is the true god. becuase god does not want to confuse his followers.

  14. I personally believe that people have a right to their beliefs, even if they want to be a Nazi, and no one has the right to impose their beliefs on to people. It is only the ignorant and fearful who seek to force us to have the same beliefs.

    It really shouldn’t be what your beliefs and opinions that are important, it should be how you treat people that is important.

  15. She definitely has never been confronted or challenged about her beliefs, hence the uncomfortable nature of her behavior of trying to ignore the conversation. The right hemisphere of the brain has been confirmed to control emotion and religious belief. Left hemisphere controls logic and reasoning. Right hemisphere dominant individuals tend to be more religious.

  16. Thinking for yourself in questioning the validity of outrageous statements without any sort of proof… That makes me feel uncomfortable. Don’t question my faith I blindly obey in believe things that cannot be proven. I will legislate my beliefs upon the non-believers and feel uncomfortable if you question anything that I do. Oh wait no that would be stupid, and may borderline of being an a-hole

  17. “The goal here is not to make you uncomfortable…” Wrong, dude! That EXACLY your goal! Now, listen. I’m going to answer your question: Outside of mathematics there can’t be any ‘proof’ for something. Got it?

  18. Is that place Santa Rosa,CA? Behind the girls I can see the building just like the same the back of the building Macy’s store in Santa Rosa. I miss been there man…

  19. Is there a point to this video? Does the questioner not believe in God? And hes trying to convince others to not believe?

    Whats the goal here?

  20. I don’t get those who insult religion, or believers, it is a personal thing. They laugh at us because we have no proof of God’s existence without realizing that they dont have proof either that he doesn’t exist.

    But, at the end the famous dilemma, if I believe and atheists are right and there is no God, I loose nothing, but if I am right and atheists are wrong, what do they loose?

  21. Religion is a mind fuck plain and simple. Christianity was developed for no other reason than control over individuals at a time when chaos was rampant. There needed to be some order governing rulers in a society for some balance to exist. I mean think about it, the Bible was written at least 60 years after Jesus had died. Don’t you think that is an awful lot of time for edits to be made like removals, additions, etc… of words and ideas? If you’ve ever played the game telephone with 10 or more people you know the message hardly ever gets back to the original sender correct. In fact it never has for me when I used to play years ago. Oh and by the way, you could actually buy tickets of pardon from the church from sin if you had the money, now tell me if the church is not an organization created by man, not some divine entity.

  22. The guy in this video asking questions is picking on kids who have not yet studied the scriptures more deeply for themselves or looked into the ancient languages, he needs to go and ask the same questions to people who HAVE .

  23. I like that she was honest and said she was uncomfortable, rather than getting defensive or talking out of her ass to try to get out of it. That’s the kind of person who’s going to go home and honestly think about why she felt this way (because it doesn’t feel good), and why she felt obligated to say yes she believes by faith in the first place. I’ve been in her position. It’s tough starting out.

  24. The girl who believes in God in this video wasn’t trying to make the camera person believe in God. The camera person was trying to have the girl make the camera person believe in God when clearly the camera person doesn’t believe in God. To me, the camera guy is a horrible person.

  25. One does not have to prove God exists. When you wish to challenge my belief about something, you (the challenger) must justify and prove your claim. There are too many today that challenge God does not exist yet cannot prove he doesn’t exist, so they (like the camera man in this video) do is force you to prove God exists.

    For example, many folks believe Gravity exists and are willing to believe it exists even though there is a lot of Scientific evidence that disproves Gravity.

    Gravity is supposed to be a force of attraction that presses on all things to the object that generates it. As a force, like wind, it can be felt. For those who claim Gravity exists, there are machines that supposed spin in a circle that create 1G of gravity force. And in those machines 100% of the people can feel the force of 1G. Everyone can feel through their skin far less than 1G force of pressure applied to it. Just push on any part of your skin a little bit and you can feel the force, or stand in a 20 mph breeze. We even continually feel pressure through our sense of touch for long periods of time and never tire of feeling it. Our bodies easily measure force both great and small amounts of it. So the simplest test is do you feel 1G of force pressing on you now? If you can’t then you must conclude Gravity is false.

    And if Gravity is false, so are all the other things that are associated to it such as our world spinning around the sun or there are planets supposedly orbiting the sun.

    So if you understand my example, consider that when a source claims its a “fact” that Gravity exists then you should QUESTION EVERYTHING ever taught you by that source. Whether that source is a religious text or Science or PHD holder.

  26. Faith is necessary, but unsustainable without action. The journey to understanding and belief in God starts with faith then continues with action.

  27. ALLLLLL RELIGION is PAGAN…. it is bits and pieces of FALSE DOCTRINE coming from the REAL HERITAGE OF the REAL ISRAELITES… HERITAGE is REAL, RELIGION is NOT… and there is NO GOD except YAH OF ISRAEL

  28. Belief is not understanding. Faith is not evidence. We would openly mock someone who defiantly insisted that unicorns existed solely because they believe it to be so. And yet we are expected to “respect” someone’s belief in equally silly god myths. In fact, groups of people who believe in these absurd and unsubstantiated claim even enjoy a financial gift from the government in the form of tax-free status. In no other way would be accept “faith” as evidence for things believed, precisely because of its utter unreliability; there is no limit to absurdity that can be believed on faith. Yet it is embraced as piety when it comes to religion.

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