video : a traveling monk trying to explain why he can’t prove God and God won’t prove himself


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  1. This theist guy is great ,he saw what that atheist was not sinsere and exposed him , he speaks the truth, these atheists just don’t wanna know god

  2. Free will is meaningless with knowlege. I show you 2 doors. One leads to joy the other to pain. Choose one. You have free will to choose but no facts about which door goes where. This is the free will to guess. Sigh. Why is this so hard for the evangelists?

  3. Facts are not dependent on my desires. If god existed, he would be perfectly obvious to everyone, regardless of what they may or may not want.
    Any person with basic integrity doesn’t deny facts. By that same measure, it is not possible to actually believe anything that doesn’t have factual support. The more I hear believers flail about trying to validate their claims/beliefs, the more obvious it becomes that they are just pretending. Stubbornly, obsessively, arrogantly pretending. They fail so spectacularly….and so thoroughly….that it is pretty much impossible for me not to feel like they are just flat out lying right to my face.
    They tarnish their own integrity, and I wish they would stop…for their own sake.
    No fact = no truth. We all know it.
    Believers should stop clinging to the idea that faith is adequate to validate belief. It absolutely is not. Believers have been indoctrinated/coerced into deluding themselves. Faith is the “weapon” that keeps believers fooling themselves. Indoctrination and coercion makes them too afraid to question. It’s difficult to watch. Faith = pretend.

  4. you don’t want to know God for real because it takes time thru individual study and a pure intent to know…you don’t have that.can you proove that mathematics is real….who is the driving force of your heart beating??? and you want proof if god is real????

  5. the white boy was spitting some truth…you can’t teach math in one day …it takes practice…. the minds that understand, simply know how to understand.either you get it or dont. but ultimately it will be you that is the driving force to better understanding.

  6. Another person with a delusional complex. What a sad sad situation. “I was heavily self satisfied in drugs….” there it is the lynch pin. Damaged and susceptible and along comes a cult idea that gives warm and fuzzies. Yup legalize drugs let them melt down to the zombie level wipe out the zombies and start again.

  7. Kind of want to bang my head against the wall watching this one. Everything is so perfect so it has to be god, but everything is terrible this must be hell. Which is it?

    You have more patience than I do Marcel. I would have ended the conversation when he said you’re not sincere. If you weren’t sincere you wouldn’t have just wasted 10 minutes of your time talking to this dumb hippie. I would have said, “yeah, well listening to your voice I can tell you’re full shit” and then walked away.

  8. What this guy said is so true, even though he has not been led to the Bible yet he is truly seeking God and God is revealing himself to him, even speaking through him. Knowing God starts with a choice. You have to choose to want to know Him. ( Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.) His faith is so beautiful, I am sure he is better than me.

    1. Which god are you talking about though? Which god did he choose to believe in? Because according to him his god is all the gods we call god.

    2. Nate, your brain is dysfunctional dude. You’re a gullible sheep ceaselessly bleating out its fear. You’re going to die and you will soon be forgotten just as it should be.

        1. Lol, you call asking questions about your “faith” is persecution? First you should look up the definition of persecution and THEN look at where most persecutions come from in the world you little hypocrite. You can’t answer simple questions so you run crying “persecution” lmao. In that case fuck you and your idiotic religion. Go back to doing what you guys do best, mutilating baby genitalia and throwing gays off of buildings.

            1. Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.

              Lol, who said anything false about you? So far I’ve said nothing but the truth about your religion. Prove me wrong instead of just blabbering gibberish.

              1. Creation is proof enough for all. If you cared to know you would know. Ether way you will see soon enough. Pray that God will lift the veil of unbelief off of your heart so you may believe and belong to Him, and you will see now. : )

                1. the god of this world is Satan. Satan has blinded you so that you blame all of his evil deeds on your creator even though that is illogical because you do not believe in your creator. ((((( 2 Corinthians 4:4 in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.))))

                  1. Creation is proof enough for all. If you cared to know you would know. Ether way you will see soon enough.

                    Lol, keep running christian boy. Nothing but claims with no evidence to back it up. The Quran says Allah created everything, is that proof that Allah is the one true “GOD?”

            2. Lol, you call asking questions about your “faith” is persecution? First you should look up the definition of persecution and THEN look at where most persecutions come from in the world you little hypocrite. You can’t answer simple questions so you run crying “persecution” lmao.

              Answer to your question: JESUS CHRIST IS GOD. : ) He will discover that some day because he is actually seeking God and God is drawing him to Himself.

              1. So this guy got drawn to a god called Krishna, he said so himself so I guess you are worshipping the wrong god lol. Also if god draws you to people who seek a god, why are there BILLIONS of people who are drawn to other gods and not Jesus? Your arguments fail too easily buddy. :))

        1. If Satan and your “god” were real, I’m sure Satan wouldn’t be ashamed that people know he exists. If anyone should be ashamed it would be your god who has committed horrific immoral acts according to the Bible. Satan on the other hand is far more moral than your god. If there’s any backlash it would be because of your god existing.

          1. Satan does not want anyone to know he exists because he is the one who harvests the souls of unbelievers when they die in hell and is more horrific than any slaughter house on earth. Satan must keep mankind stooped in order to reap a maximum harvest of human souls. I am trying to save you from absolute horror. Anyone who believes in Jesus will be saved because by believing in Jesus they transfer from Satan’s kingdom over to Gods kingdom and when they die there souls are escorted to heaven. We are born into sin, we are born the property of Satan, that is why sin comes natural to us, that is why we are born with bodies that get old and die. We must choose to believe in Jesus, let his sacrifice cover our sin and live for Him with Him as our King. This is the way God gave for man to be redeemed and live forever. It is great news unless you choose to disbelieve, than it is simply knowledge of impending doom.

  9. You have to have a desire to know the Lord. From there you can make your decision. Have you not the time to devote your heart for just a moment and ask God for the blessings he’s promised to you? Do you not want to hold God accountable for what he has promised to you?

        1. FOR A MOMENT, believe Jesus is real. All you need is FAITH the size of a mustard seed.

          if you cannot do something THIS simple, you will lose what is promised to you in Matthew 11:28.

              1. get blocked? for what ? read Your scripture than get back to me .you so called “Christians” don’t understand most of your bible and certainly don’t understand irony or sarcasm. you just cherry pick what you like,what feels good to you and ignore the rest. I have read the bible and understand it, and have passed judgement on it, finding it lacking. If you read through it Jesus says a mustard seed is the smallest seed, clearly it’s not , thereof scripture not correct thereof the bible is NOT true. the Lord E has spoken, so block away.

  10. What he presents is known to some as a word salad. It’s all chucked in there, with no thought. Would I? Yes he’s gorgeous (as an aside)

  11. So if I read Spiderman’s comics and I believe he exists then it means it exists becuase it is descending knowledge? Cool, we have Spiderman.You don’t see him? If you don’t see him is because you don’t really want to see him.

  12. He’s a spouting robot. He could be talking about being a devout NAZI, communist, christian, jew, muslim….etc. All I see is someone who’s utterly committed themselves to a premise, and is repeating it an uncompromising dogmatic way. His manners and mode of speaking is more telling than the content of what he’s saying, to be honest I tuned out what he was saying after a while. He’s slightly scary, I would be backing away from him.

  13. liked on

    The way this guy talks and what he says shows extreme arrogance. The convo kept going in circles though. There’s something called “outsider’s test of faith” that may have taken the convo in a better direction. For example:

    him “I know my god is real because of personal experience”. you: “if you believe your god is real through personal experiences and someone else believes their different god is real for the same reasons, how would an outsider figure out which one is the true god?” [pause]

    1. I would focus on the reliability of the things he holds on to, to believe these things. “How reliable is faith at finding the real truth if people from virtually every religion use it to believe in their own particular god?”

      “What would be an example of something more reliable than faith to find truth?” That would help explain your insistence of evidence.

  14. he made his point bro… he kinda beat you in the discussion. Cause in the end… it’s all about faith AND faith is about blind belief, without any logic. So the fact that you ask him to give you proof won’t work… Cause it’s a “personal” thing. How the hell can you compete with that? 😂

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