video : a Christian trying to explain why God lets kids get molested


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  1. Its a miracle ­čśÇ Oh wait, I’ll shake my magic ball again, it says that a mythical god doesn’t exist, so now that’s true ­čÖé
    Do you know when you are able to think rationally and you listen to Christian nonsense, it nearly sounds like they are inhuman, or mentally retarded, the common word that describes Christians is deluded.´╗┐

  2. Tbh ALOT of ppl get confused saying “It’s the religion, the bible, etc” but it not their fault it the preacher, pastor, church members fault because they sit there and tell you not to do this and do that and saying the Bible said but it didn’t. They twist into their own version of the Bible. They don’t tell it right. For example churches says “you can’t drink but if you do you going to hell”, but Jehovah witnesses told me “you can drink just don’t get drunk”. oh btw there’s no hell´╗┐

  3. liked on YouTube

    God is this invisible being, who lives in an invisible place, and does invisible things. It’s like going to an invisible restaurant, ordering off an invisible menu, and eating an invisible meal. Hopefully, the check will be invisible, but if it isn’t, you can always pay with invisible money.´╗┐

  4. I really hope that this woman does not have children, if she actually thinks there is any situation where a parent is justified to allow her kids to be molested. This is what religion does to people. But, I don’t believe her either.´╗┐

  5. Another dishonest theist.
    God says to that child molester ” You go ahead and finish while I sit idly by. Go ahead and find some more kids to molest. When you die I’m gonna have a talk with you”
    If I saw a child being molested, I would intervene. I am more moral than your god.
    To say that that child needs to get molested so that he/she can get closer to god is asinine
    How can these fairy tales consume people’s basic decency?´╗┐

  6. As a babe in my mothers arms, we were involved in a road accident, in which she died but although I received multiple injuries which render me in intense and worsening pain, unable to walk, often unable to sleep because of the pain, was this a miracle?´╗┐

  7. What would you think of that parent?

    very good question. I’ll follow up with … if you were on a jury and you were presented with uncontroversial evidence of this parent watching his child getting molested would you convict?

    by the way, great job. keep up the good work.´╗┐

  8. I honestly don’t think that you could ever make a comparison though.

    this is a cult behaviour when you can’t even answer a common sense question´╗┐

  9. Brainwashing at its finest! the robotic answers, avoiding a simple question…how would you feel about a parent that allowed their child to be molested to teach them a lesson….she says “I have no option”…sick and twisted beyond belief!´╗┐

  10. This is aweful to do this to this girl no human has all the answers! If God could fit into a humans head, and a human could fully understand God than God is not much of a God. The reason these things happen is because God knows your future, he knows everything that is going to happen if a person was molested of course it sounds terrible it is terrible but down the road there is a reason that kid may have gone through through mental illness, depression, whatever but there was a purpose. It was to make that person who they are today or in the future. If they committed suicide there is a purpose we may not know the purpose but there is one the person who was the molester has a purpose. Everything has a purpose!´╗┐

  11. Satan is all ways trying to blame his evil acts on God. God will destroy Satan at the right time. Satan rebelled against Gods laws, everything is being recorded and the lives of every person will be used to teach the children who are born in heaven why Gods laws are right and what happens when we rebel against them so that no one will ever be able to form a rebellion against God the way that Satan did. Furthermore no one gets away with any evil act. Vengeance is the Lords He will repay. God will punish every evil act but first he will give the offenders a chance and a time to repent and to let the blood of Jesus cover there sins. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.´╗┐

  12. Most people and Christians, like the ones that you pick out and post to this channel, are uneducated on what they claim to believe. God doesn’t make things happen. S/he set the world in motion, gave us free will, and then let us go. S/he couldn’t have made us any other way – with free will – if s/he is in fact a loving god. A mentally well, stable, loving parent is not going to willingly take away their child’s autonomy just for the sake of what the parent considers the child’s or others wellbeing. That child must grow up and make their own decisions, and live their own life outside of the parent. Does that mean the parent doesn’t exist, doesn’t care, or is somehow “sick” or “twisted”? No. I don’t think so. The parent is going to do everything in their power to give that child a good life and equip them to make good decisions, even if it means giving their own life. And that’s exactly the narrative of scripture. We can have civil disagreements all day long, but as you’ve pointed out in other videos there has to be an absolute truth somewhere. God either exists or s/he doesn’t. The world is full of complex stories and creatures – why would the story of God and how/why s/he decided to create us be any different?´╗┐

  13. you ended the video before she could respond to your accusation of what you think of her and how she would react. you’re a deciever. you will never be able to break the bond between believers and Christ.´╗┐

        1. Why would people attack the Faith of a believer if Satan was not real and our Faith was not the most valuable thing in the world to God? Do you want to be the most valuable thing in the world to God, Choose to believe. : )´╗┐

  14. If I had the power to stop a child form being molested, I would stop it. That’s the difference between this girls god and me. Anyone having the power to stop a child from being molested, but chooses otherwise, is a monster.´╗┐

  15. I still cannot fathom how Christians can say “well this happens because of this and that happens because of that” like its the laws of physics thats been studied, cataloged, and substantiated. You havent even demonstrated that their is a God to watch kids get molested yet. Dont make assumptions of whats happening because of assumed whys and whats. As if she thinks she understands the divine network of universal causation here. I can explain the hows and whys of the Lord of the Rings. And it can make perfect sense within its own context, but that doesnt make it true.
    And thats where I think Christians confuse assumptions with truth. Just because a world view makes sense in its own context, that doesnt make your assumptions about it true. You have to first demonstrates that the tenets of that contextual personal world view are real. Then you have to demonstrate your assumptions about those tenets are true. Even if your God was real, which you just assumed. You still have to prove that the answer you gave about why he does what he does or doesnt do are true. Maybe a God doesnt protect molested kids because he cant interfere in full power. Maybe he doesnt actually see everything, be what he does happen to see he interferes. Maybe its the Sabbath so hes resting and is just a dick on his day off. Maybe he has some kind of divine mana bar of limited power and can only use so much before needing to recharge. Assuming a reason you have no justification for is pitiful. I dont know what it is about Christians and not learning the value of simply saying the truthful phrase of “I dont know” to something they actually dont know. They always have to pretend to have the answer.´╗┐

  16. So if you molest children, you’re doing God’s work, because you are providing them with experiences that will bring them to God. According to this philosophy, there is no such thing as evil, because ultimately everything has a good outcome. If what she is saying is true, then we shouldn’t stop people doing evil. Partly because they are ultimately doing good, but also, how can we have the audacity to do something that God won’t do? This is one fucked up philosophy. It’s amazing the shit these people will say to cling on to this ridiculous fantasy.´╗┐

    1. This world is broken. By choosing to defy God, Adam and Eve chose sin, and therefore rejected God’s love for all of humanity. Due to this, the world is broken, and we are all caged in sin. However, because of God’s grace, he sent Christ to bear the weight of our sins and suffer on the cross, so that we may have the choice to choose God again and be saved.

      It is not “God’s work” for a child to be abused, for there to be war between nations and for hate and greed and suffering to rule over society; it is the work of sin in our world, as still so many choose to reject God’s love and reject his grace. Sure, these devastating acts may bring some to faith, and praise God that these souls have been saved and cleansed of the sin that has been forced upon them. However so many others do not come to God and in these cases, just as it was with Adam and Eve, Satan wins. I don’t agree that evil does not exist, as it clearly does and Satan exploits our sinful nature and tempts us against the Lord. If someone experiences something awful and it turns them away from God, if they blame it on God; then it is not the work of God! God would never do anything to drive us away from Him, because we are His children and he loves us all.

      God is powerful enough to defeat evil and reveal Himself undeniably to all, but instead He gave us free will, and in this, the right for us to choose Him or reject Him. He doesn’t want to force us to obey Him, He wants us to CHOOSE Him, to love Him and to have faith in Him. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

      I hope that this explains it a little bit more to you, and please keep asking questions. God bless!´╗┐

      1. i have one question for you: you say that God gives us the choice to ‘choose or reject’ (although I would object to those terms) and that is why free will is a good thing. If that is true, why does God cast down into eternal suffering those who don’t believe, no matter the good works they have done in life? Doesn’t sound like there’s much of a choice to me. Sounds like God or suffering. Ironically they both seem the same.´╗┐

        1. That’s a really good question and in truth, I don’t really have all the answers. The way I see it, is that Heaven is a place for people who want God, those who choose to live a life with God, be in a relationship with God and live in the image of Christ. While I agree that non-believers who are good people do not deserve to be “cast down into eternal suffering” what ever that may be, it doesn’t make sense for them to be in heaven either, for they did not want God, nor have faith in God during their lives. Why would people who do not want God live with God for eternity?

          “Hell” was never meant for humans. It is a place where God isn’t, full of sin and brokenness. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I know that God loves every single one of us and He doesn’t want any of His children to be damned to “eternal suffering”.

          I come from a family of non-Christian’s and so I promise you that this is something that is really close to my heart. My parents and siblings are good, honest, kind people, but without faith in Christ that is not enough to save them. Does it scare me that I don’t know what will happen to them when they pass? Of course! I pray for them to open their hearts to God, but that is not something that I can force on them, for faith is something only an individual can choose and know in their own hearts. In the end, all I can do is answer their questions to the best of my ability, and live in the grace, love and fellowship of God.

          I don’t believe that it’s about choosing “God or suffering”, it’s about finding the truth in your heart, looking at evidence, really delving into God’s word and then deciding whether you believe or not. I’ve spent the majority of my life so far without faith, and never did I think that I could believe in something so far fetched and impossible, until I started reading the Bible for myself, hearing evidence for Christianity, asking questions and experiencing God’s love through my Christian friends. All I’m saying is don’t discount Christianity because of what one person says, because of stereotypes or assumed knowledge. Look in to it properly and then make a decision on what you know and don’t know in your heart.

          I’m sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there, haha. Keep asking questions!´╗┐

    1. sorry but this way you are not going to change any christian to atheist. The truth is, lots of christians are NOT evil, and they do their good deeds out of empathy and compassion.´╗┐

      1. I don’t wanna convert anyone… I have my own convictions based on logic and I’m perfectly fine the way I am. I have as much sympathy and respect for any religious folks as they would have for any adult who adores Santa Claus´╗┐

        1. well, based on logic, you are basically telling me that i was evil for 10 years, that i only did good deeds to seucure property in heaven, and that the best friends I ever had and still have are also evil. You are calling my cousin and my family evil. You are, “based on logic” calling my loved ones evil.´╗┐

          1. it’s is not a religion of love… and if you were a Christian, and I believe you read your bible, so I don’t need to tell that all you need is faith. it doesn’t matter how good/bad a person you are if you repent in the end… you are saved. BTW only their imaginary friend is able to forgive and that being done… forgive and forget right? if that’s not evil my friend then you’re still one of them. Also, according to your logic, it’s some sort of impossibility for you loved ones to be evil… oh that’s a new logical conclusion that makes perfect sense.´╗┐

            1. i am more than sure at least 2 of my Christian friends kept helping me out of love. They suffered, when i suffered. They knew they are going to Heaven either way, so their motivation to help me was only love.
              Yes, i believed i was saved and so did they, just like u wrote, so all we did was out of love, not to get saved, not out of fear of hell, just love.
              Forgive and forget is evil????? i do not follow.
              No, i did not claim it is impossible for my loved ones to be evil. I just pointed out that they are NOT, because i know them for years, i know how they are,
              you are the one insulting them, calling people i love evil without even knowing them. You are judging people you do not even know.
              isnt it evil to call people u dont know “evil”?´╗┐

              1. forgive and forget… that concept itself is intrinsically evil because all atrocities become possible. I do not know your loved ones but I do know that if they are “good christians”, they are evil… for THAT religion, like most, is here to divide humanity.´╗┐

    2. it’s been proven, once again, that christians are intrinsically evil. They just just do their good deeds in order to secure a nice property in heaven. Sickening´╗┐

      Good deeds have nothing to do with it you could sin and sin and sin all you want but if you come to God and lay down everything you have at his feet, all your goals, success, tragedy you won’t believe in God, you will know God, and want to be like him and you will forever try. But don’t get me wrong, there’s this thing called trials, and they are kind of like a test for example when I was 10-14 I lost almost my entire family to cancer and other illnesses and I hated God I hated the idea everything about him I couldn’t believe he took my family, I was so depressed so lonely and lost, I had nothing I had material items that I thought would feel myself with joy but always failed. I tried to commit suicide multiple times but failed, and then one day at my lowest point I was laying in my bed in the middle of the night wide awake and all the sudden the entire room went pure white, white on earth looks black. and I felt the most peaceful feeling ever and I felt him with me, he told me everything would be OK and that I have a purpose, since then I have lived everyday for him, trusting in God and not being afraid, I will forever worship him.´╗┐

      1. Oh Don’t worry… cancer developments are genetic so chances are you will most definitely get it too. btw you can thank your imaginary friend for that too… but unfortunately you won’t cause guess what. he doesn’t exist, no matter how hard you try to believe that shit. Believing in something doesn’t make it real young lady.

  17. God makes people molest people to teach the victim a lesson or bring them to god? WTF That’s fucked up! And every time you start exposing the ridiculously morality of god, “the devil did it”. So if god is all powerfull and all knowing, then he is ultimately responsible for what the devil does, and then they just go “oh god is ultimately good so everything he does is good”.

    I would ask “What about hindus who are molested and as a result of that experience they turn to a hindu god and later still die a hindu and go to hell?”´╗┐

  18. I really enjoy this channel! Love seeing people try to defend their invisible friend in the sky. The behavioral health system has failed them :(´╗┐

  19. If something is right and wrong at the same time, then you have no argument. When you believe in God because you think he saved you after answering your prayers, but let others die and don’t answer their prayers, then this God either don’t exist or is a psychotic.´╗┐

        1. Of course he did in the Bible it says he sent one of his angel bitches around to kill all of the firstborn children that didn’t even do anything to him thank God the Bible is mostly fiction´╗┐

    1. Yes you can, if God is not revealing himself to anyone! The Dogon tribe, which until recently, we didn’t know they even existed! They worshiped a particular star! The Dogon knew nothing about this God! Please explain? People in ancient times worshiped what they saw! The stars, the moon, the birds, the rocks, the earth, the trees, the water, and the sun! So they are to blame for worshipping an invisible God? That’s insane!!!´╗┐

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