video : a Christian insisting that God exists before being forced to admit he doesn’t know


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  1. The simple fact is, no one can say that they know the god of the bible exists, because every single one of them is quoting someone else, who is quoting someone else, all the way back to the first one who simply made it up.. 100% of the testimony for the existence of the god of the bible, is hearsay. 100% Same with the character known as Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, or any other name you choose for the “son of god.” So, belief in this god, is 100% faith in hearsay. people who claim they believe because of personal experience will tell you of a time when something happened that they cannot explain, therefore it has to be an action or intervention of a the god they choose to believe in. Again, no eye witness. No evidence, just the opinion of one who has faith in hearsay. Psychologically,, belief in gods is delusional at best, and a psychotic at worst. 98% of believers in the Christian god, got their belief in childhood. That is indoctrination to mythology at that level, because children cannot comprehend the existence of a supernatural realm. Children therefore have to be taught that this god is a physical being. That is why the human character of Jesus was necessary to maintain the childhood attachment to this god intact. .Understanding the psychology of a devoted Christian believer is very easy. It is the exact psychology of a child at age 4-7, who hasn’t begun to question what he has been told yet. By age 8, you can no longer indoctrinate a child into the Jesus myth, because they will question the impossible nature of the biblical stories, and they will ask questions that cannot be answered with any degree of logic.

  2. It has probably been said in comments before but “god cannot lie if you seek him he will..” well what about all those devote bible thumpers who in the worst moment called out and nothing happened no sky daddy riding to the rescue? In addition why doesn’t god fix this guys eye sight?

  3. Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled throughout events in world history.
    There is archaeological evidence that correlates exactly with biblical accounts of supernatural events, down to specific details…
    It is a mathematical improbability that everything came together randomly and works according to the design and laws we see and live by.
    There are many layers of evidence that prove God is real.
    Just because it doesn’t fit with your standard doesn’t mean God isn’t real.
    It just means God isn’t real to you and what you’ve determined God should be like.
    God isn’t real to you, based on your lack of knowledge about the layers of evidence that you reject before even learning about them.
    You close the door yourself, and every time you do this kind of thing, you drive nails in that door.
    So, hopefully you give up, because you’re being led by something negative, instead of the truth and life and light that is God.
    This time is temporary for a reason…
    God wants us to have eternal life restored.
    I will never give up what I know without a doubt to be true.
    And just because you may meet Christians who are not solid in their faith, that proves nothing.
    If you knew the bible, you would also know that God warns that there will be those who take his name in vain.
    They will fall away from the faith, because their faith wasn’t solidified on core truths… They were not true in their faith, and were being led by feelings or anything else.

  4. You say you want proof ” But I don’t believe in a god”
    So right there, you will never get your proof, because you aren’t interested in even the concept of God. You’re more determined to be right and debate, more than you are to know God. So you will remain blind.
    There is tons of evidence.
    i used to not believe, but I had to get to the point where I put aside all my doubt and actually learned…
    And it was harder to overcome the years of doubting and negativity I built up, to keep studying and actually understand, rather than reject. Many will easily give up because they don’t want to change.
    Belief in God and following his ways will not be easy if you prefer the ways of the world, if you’re not willing to trust to step out in faith to know God and trust him.
    So, you can stay in your repetitive cycle and put people down, what does it profit you? You will die in the end and cease to exist.
    Meanwhile there is a Creator who loves you, but he will not force you if you rather doubt and reject everything. We have freewill…. Your will to accept God starts the moment you give up rejecting Him.

  5. Things that are “true”, are true within any viewpoint, because they are demonstrable to everyone regardless of what they believe and where they are in the world. Things which are “true” are true to everyone.

  6. This guy is dangerous, because he can justify his belief based on faith. A Faith Based Belief, can be held in spite of or against reason or evidence. Therefore he can believe in anything he wants to based on faith.

  7. This guy’s first argument is fallacious. It is the argumentum ad populum (Latin for “appeal to the people”). It’s a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition is true because many or most people believe it: “If many believe so, it is so.” Which doesn’t makes his first argument fallacious. Game over, on his first try…

  8. “Bible says …” is such bullshit. People need to read books like David Fitzgerald’s “Nailed” and “Mything in Action” to learn how the NT came together, and all the Gospels are based on scraps of parchment that were edited and altered time and time again, and there are vast and irreconcilable differences between them, especially John. And all of them are anonymous; no one knows who wrote them, other than they were in Greek, not Aramaic, and don’t even claim to be eyewitness accounts; all were written decades after Jesus supposedly died. And there’s no evidence Jesus even existed! And of course the OT is all just ancient Jewish stories. It’s crazy anyone believes the total nonsense of the Bible.

  9. SOOOOO Brainwashed, once again. not a single independent thought coming out of his head. “now lets say this is america” THIS IS AMERICA..duh. “now lets say I’m born in some 4th world country …I don’t think there’s a 4th world country” DUH again. How can someone with glasses so thick be so dense. this is sad how a brain can be completely turned to mush. “I know its true because I say it” You just cannot have a reasonable conversation with this kind of robotic, programmed mindset! Marcel, you sure have some great patience. Thanks for all you do to promote logic critical thought.

  10. The only way to make christians be honest is to back them in the corner and force then to look in the mirror. Christians are mentally and spiritually inferior. Unfortunate that the planet is dying because of the Christian cult.

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