video : an atheist talking about the absurdity of Christianity


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  1. there are plenty of arithmetics wherein “one plus one” does not equal two – infact, you are probably familiar with some of them

    in the richter scale, for instance – a 1.0 earthquake, and another 1.0 earthquake, would not combine to make a 2.0 earthquake – that is not at all what “2.0” means in that system [“1 plus 1” in that scale would be about a magnitude of 1.3]

    also, in the pH scale of acidity, “one plus one” does not equal two

    in the incredibly popular binary system, “one plus one” does not equal two – infact, “two” is a nonsensical statement in binary mathematics

    you could create your own logarithmic base, just for the purpose of making one plus one equal three, if you wanted to do that – it would likely become popular among people trying to debunk atheists

    this isn’t to say I don’t take your meaning – I do take your meaning

    one day, you may run into a christian mathematician who points these things out to you – if that happens, maybe try something like “a general solution for fifth degree polynomials”

  2. atheists have faith that NOTHING caused the universe to explode into existence.
    atheists have faith that the fine tuning of the universe is a cosmic coincidence.
    atheists have faith that a cell with a couple thousand parts accidentally came to life long ago.
    their faith is BLIND.

  3. liked on YouTube

    God is all powerful? Can God make a stone that is so big he can’t move it?

    No, he can’t because he can move it no matter how big he makes it. Trick question. No matter which way they answer, God can’t do something. Try it next time you have a conversation with some religious nut.

  4. Passenger in vehicle is looking down the rabbit hole of FE conspiracies. Other FE beliefs have included.

    No gravity
    No other planets, only earth
    No galaxies, no universes
    Sun is only 4,000 miles away from earth
    Sun is much smaller than scientists say
    Sun rotates around the earth
    The earth stands still
    No nuclear weapons on earth
    The earth is infinite in size
    No one has ever sailed around the earth
    Stars spin, not the earth
    NASA has never been to the moon
    NASA has never been to space
    NASA is part of the illuminati
    All space craft launched from the earth never reached space, all went into the ocean
    Impossible to get through the Van Allen belt
    All photographs of earth from moon and from space craft is fake Antartica acts as a retaining wall for the earths oceans
    The earth has some form of a dome around it that cannot be penetrated
    Nuclear weapons were fired at the dome to blow a hole in it
    The sun, moon and stars are inside the dome
    There is no space, it’s all water
    A balloon that reached 128 miles above the earth, has proven the flat horizon, the flat earth
    The moon puts off its own light and it’s own heat
    The moon is transparent
    The sun has been videotaped below the clouds
    A plane has flown over the sun
    No satellites in space, not one.
    No ISS
    Impossible to land a plane on a global earth, plane crashes
    You cannot fly over Antarctica or the North and South poles or you will be shot down
    US government knows the earth is flat. A reason why they have a flat earth map
    No dinosaurs
    Earth no older than 4,000 – 10,000 years old
    Earth being flat accounts for he possibility of the global flood and Noah’s Ark
    Space X video launches are faked

    These are but a few of the assertions made by FE that I personally read in comments or viewed from YT videos. I’m sure I missed many.

  5. As someone who has never been a believer, I have many problems with Christians. They merely wear the label, don’t walk the walk, are quick to condemn, don’t follow their own bible, ignore the bad parts, and so on. The ONLY decent Christian I’ve ever witnessed was Mr. Rogers, because he never judged, never condemned, and I don’t even recall him mentioning his own beliefs.

    But one big problem I have with Christians is that they have such LOW EXPECTATIONS when it comes to a god. A few examples:

    * Their god is very jealous, petty, and behaves like a 14-year-old girl who is having a fit [like Trump]. Why would ANYONE who behaves like this be worthy of worship? Why would a powerful god have such a fragile ego, and such a need for worship?

    * This god supposedly created everything in 6 days, and rested on the 7th. How were these days measured, when the sun wasn’t created first [according to the mythology]? More importantly, why would this god need SIX DAYS in the first place? And why would this god require ANYTHING resembling rest? And, with regard to time, how could this god create everything in six days, and yet it takes this god 42 DAYS to carve ten rules into stone? It makes no sense.

    * This god required blood sacrifice, as if he’s got absolutely NO SAY in the matter. The whole story of the sacrifice makes absolutely NO sense at all.

    I’m an almighty god and I need a blood sacrifice, for some reason, because I don’t call the shots. Anyway, ALL of you humans are completely fucked up, because I made you that way, but that’s YOUR fault. One of you is going to need to “die” in order to make everything right. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules. YOU… my only son…. who is also me…. you need to “die” in order to pay for all the things that I, er, I mean humans, have done wrong. Now get over here and suffer. But then, after three days, you’ll come back to life. So you died, but you only had a really bad three-day weekend, but no matter BECAUSE I SAID YOU DIED, PERIOD, END OF STORY, DON’T QUESTION IT.

    How could anyone NOT question that?

  6. Morality is objective and subjective. Watch Matt Dillahunty ‘s speech on this. But there are some subjective elements. For instance, I want to punch jaywalkers in the face because I find them immoral. But someone else would say me punching a jaywalkers in the face is immoral. In essence, we need to adhere to certain standards in order for us to get along and survive as a species. If a majority of us murder, then we won’t survive as a species. So I guess morality is pragmatic

  7. jesus is satan the devil an he is not coming back…christians worship satan with a human sacrifice of jesus to satan…youve been decived…REPENT, accept Jahovah an do good works.

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