video : Christians and an atheist talking about whether or not a God exists


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    The last lady interviewed gave the best answers in my opinion. I differ though my view on religion is we’d be better of without it now. People use religion to mistreat, hurt, and oppress others. Science has proven the bulk of religious claims to be bogus it’s time to grow up.

  2. I listen to people disagree about God. Back and forth about issues only God can answer for you. God is the only reason I open these videos on youtube. He showed me this need to help average people who are searching but just cannot find the right direction . Most are lost. Wandering around from sin to sin trying to relieve their consciences of the guilt that their sin has burrowed into their hearts from years of running from the truth.The truth that we are all sinners. The truth that God is real. And the sobering fact that we were all given the death sentence for straying so far from God . If you don’t turn to God you must then turn to something else. It’s the way God designed us. We were not designed to be idol, self satisfying, hard hearted beings. This is why sexual immorality is so prevalent today. People use it to fill the void in their souls. It relieves the need to realize that we are all accountable for every word and step we make while here on earth.
    It does not matter who you are or what you have done. This free gift of salvation is given to everyone alike. God has no favorites. Jesus was the Son of God and he did, whether you believe it or not give his life for his friends {us} Jesus paid the highest price a person can pay. His life. For us. Most will never know or accept this. The bible says, Straight is the gate and narrow is the way and FEW there be that find it. Come out of the darkness into the light.
    The reason why people disagree so vastly is that some have had the experience and some have not. The moment when you can say , “Oh , now I get it!” is the moment you got it right. If you are truly sorry for the unrighteous life you have lived and accept that Jesus paid the price for those sins ,God will then reveal himself to you. And not a moment before.
    If you have not experienced this then you are not truly sorry and you must further repent with your heart . God will never reveal himself to you any other way and unless you do this you will never know what we are all talking about. Keep asking and God will reveal himself. It’s just this simple. Just like the cold. You can’t see it but you well know when it’s cold outside. You surely without a doubt feel it and if someone tells you that you don’t know what you are experiencing you are rest assured that you do. Why? Because you have had the experience. God is the same way because he is spirit not flesh as the bible says.
    It’s like looking at the picture of a steak or actually experiencing eating the steak. Two totally different experiences about the same thing. Looking at the picture when you are hungry will never take away your hunger. But once you taste the steak you know that no matter how many people tell you the picture is all there is, you know inside it’s not true because you have already experienced it. And you try to tell the people still staring at the picture that there’s way more than just the picture. And they just will not listen. Then they get angry with you . Explain to you that you do not know what you are saying. Then the cruelty starts. The hate begins.The endless debates and that’s where God and true believers must take a step back and go on to the next. Atheism is just a picture. A smoke screen keeping many from finding the truth and those who defend it will be saddened when they one day stand before the Lord. Whether you believe this or not. It’s the truth’.
    If you are searching. Stop looking at the picture.
    What does Atheism offer you? What is every nonbeliever defending? YEAH Death? God is offering eternal life in a place so beautiful that nothing on earth can compare. For eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him.
    Watch these few of many testimony’s on youtube
    Psychopathic Atheist turns to Jesus/short Testimony of David Wood
    Why is Jesus visiting these faithful Muslim Islam believers
    The Atheist Delusion and Evolution vs God

  3. wha? 4:18 ….in 1914 satan was cast down to the earth? Geez. Marcel, do a story on metaphysics (new age) as it an alternative to just science and religion. it is always ignored it seems…..

  4. “Does a god exist?”
    Depends on what you mean by a god. Otherwise, I don’t think any gods exist, since I’ve been given no reason to think any gods even could exist. Or even a definition of a god which is coherent, let alone possible or plausible. So, for those reasons I’m going to say “No.”

    Also, which of these people is supposed to be the atheist? I couldn’t tell.

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