video : a theist talking about whether or not a God actually exists


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  1. If there is no Creator where does the cell get its intelligence to create proteins? No scientific experiment can demonstrate the complete transition of inorganic materials into life form structures like a cell. It would take more time since the big bang for DNA to assemble by itself by natural process . The intelligence to decipher the DNA codes would only suggest that there is a Creator. Try to study how DNA works. Don’t rely on bogus Primordial Soup Theory , Biochemical Predestination or Abiogenesis. Research after research found out that amino acids do not have the ability to order themselves into any biologically meaningful sequences even by chance.

  2. I think intelligent design is real …

    you assume that Intelligent Design is real; which presuppose a designer. But how did you arrive to that in the first place? Could the designer be Allah or Vishnu?

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