video : a Christian talking about her belief in God and explaining why she thinks no one dies an atheist


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  1. Thank you Marcel. Thank you for asking the questions that believers never ask themselves. Questions that expose the faults in faith based religion. Faith is not the path to truth.

  2. You believe in something when you have good reason or evidence to believe in it.
    Faith and personal feelings are not good reasons to believe in this absurd religious filth.

  3. I know now, but no one can know know, I guess, until they die.

    That’s right we don’t know but theists say THEY do know. They put god into the equation and say there’s an after life. And we must except this or burn in hell well, where dose free will come into this. It’s all made to be a circular argument.

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    “Where’s your proof?” This type of question will not help anyone. You know she doesn’t have any reliable proof, and she’s gonna just come up with personal experience, faith and everything else. If you really wanna help her think more about her beliefs, it’s better to focus on the methods she’s using, and try to make her realize they aren’t reliable. Questions are the key.

  5. So she essentially believes because she has a strong feeling. Cool. Can strong feelings be wrong, though? Let’s say a Blackjack gambler has been dealt a sixteen and he really “feels” that the next card is gonna be a five. Should he stay on 16 like what’s recommended or go with his “feeling?”

    It’s a trick question. No one should gamble anyway. It’s a terrible financial decision. You will more than likely lose money in the end. Gamblers don’t understand statistics.

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