video : a Christian trying to justify God letting kids get molested


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  1. 0:19 God give’s every one free will ‘even’ a child molester. However Sin will not go unpunished if he does not repeat and change his ways
    0:20 So you would like God to intervene every time someone is going to Sin, our commit a crime that you feel is harmful to society. Does that invention also apply to you? Should God stop you from all your sinful behavior or allow you to do what you want?
    4:05 God restricts his own power to allow us to do what ever we want. That does not stop him from being almighty.
    4:55 We can not Judge God. To Judge God first you need to put yourself into his place. Not that I like the movie much but perspective will change if you watched Bruce Almighty.

  2. I don’t know what’s scarier, I person unabashedly defending their belief, or to watch this internal struggle with what she knows to be right but against her indoctrination.

  3. As Tracie Harris says: “If I saw a child being mollested, I would intervene. I am more moral than your God” “Your god waits until you are done mollesting and will deal with you later”

  4. If she had empathy, she would resent it. The least she could do is understand it. she does not. If Gawd is all powerful, why does he not interfere? Gawd appears to be so disconnected that he/she/it does not exist. My question is….is it really true that we come here to experience things like this. If it is….then gawd would truly be interfering. 2nd question is why the need to experiencing such difficult things. to the point of not being able to recover. Not an easy question to answer from this limited point of veiw. Hopefully now she will really begin to really question these things and get beyond her non-sensical christian programming.

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