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a girl talking about sex and masturbating on the bed

a girl talking about sex and masturbating on the bed

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76 replies :

  1. Trai Scribes says:

    Damn, dya think you could back the camera up for just 1 second?

  2. you a hoe on everything…i bet you give head to any dude you please. you got herpes or something. bitch look at yo top lip. dumb exposing yourself talking about you like giving head thean receiving it. girl if you do then you do. dont put it on the internet for the whole world can see it. cuhz keep that to yourself.

  3. Brian McCall says:

    Oh my god wash your face

  4. shaden gun says:

    He would want to sit there and just smell your feet.


  5. I’m going to figure out how to get laid.

  6. maxxlexx1 says:

    i hope you get aids

  7. I want to see her whole face. And she had me going till she said she masterbates 6 or 7 times a day lol…that’s too much.

  8. xXxYami94xXx says:

    Ewe, she’s a gross freak

  9. truedonyared adane says:

    do more videos with her in it please

  10. slobe95 says:

    I found that truly insightful.

  11. KBYMCMB says:

    Girls Must Suck Lots Of Dick,Fuck Them Bitches Who Don’t Give Head,Any Bitch On A stick Gets It Hard As Nails,Her Pussy Gets Murked Like Jack Realest Son Of A Bitch Ripper,Jack The Ripper Infamous But Has A Occult Following And loved And Hated By Generations For More Than 100 Yrs,How He Got Away Is Amazing,Some Calm His The Devil,But My Dick Is Know As A Pleasure Stick For The Bitches

  12. My dick is really hard after watching her suck her own fingers

  13. serbmilos says:

    These videos are awesome.

  14. skullkramp13 says:

    There’s a lot of guys out here and they know that they like to give it in the ass.

    this is gonna hurt you a lot more than its gonna hurt me!!!!

  15. Where in the hell is here dad??? she needs the dick bad!!

  16. otro video igual por favor!!!!!!

    y con el mismo close up

  17. 256mrbig says:

    you and I could be friends for life.

  18. Hdjjejsj says:

    Now that’s kinda girl I want!!!!

  19. nyr9teen9d4 says:

    Wow, you’re fucking gross.

  20. pretty sure this skank got aids!

  21. Beefboy616 says:

    Wow this chick’s a loser

  22. MiLLz830 says:

    well now she means business, put this broad to work

  23. TheFreshp32 says:

    Fuuuckk!!! Menn she knows how to turn u on even through a video!!

  24. watsonray188 says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a female friend like her at all, then I wouldn’t even mind other girls ignoring me ha I wouldn’t care ha

  25. Jaime Avila says:

    wow thats hot haha gotta meet her

  26. thompson1277 says:

    She can give me some head right now.

  27. 69newark says:

    my dick is getting hard the way she talks dirty….hit me up….i got dat work.

  28. Chris Forsey says:

    dam girl you know your shit got facebook

  29. can i be one of those 2 guys u are lookin for

  30. ECWnWWF says:

    do girls prefer a guy bending her over? what’s wrong with the girl telling the guy the way she wants it or her putting him into the position she wants?

  31. matthew davis says:

    lets kick it baby ill show u a time u wont forget

  32. Frank Rijkaard says:

    i wanna date a girl like this

  33. CiCizers says:

    no effense or anything… but dnt u hav better things to do than spit and play with ur finger all day?

  34. TyhlerNovac says:

    good girls always swallow

  35. Omg I luuuuuvvvvv giving but I do it better than her

  36. this girl is fucking disgusting.

  37. shird09 says:

    she need to shave

  38. raiders2851 says:

    That was sexy no lie

  39. Chris Smith says:

    I got a really big boner too!…

  40. Plez message me I really want head u onow how to do it good

  41. iixjo3yxxx says:

    can you give me head please?XXXX ive only had it twice

  42. ladies..listen to teacher real talk lol

  43. juanbobo69 says:

    i see you a pro…………

  44. royalex10 says:

    she can suck dick!!

  45. i would lick your asshole

  46. TheGrizzzle says:

    zooming in on her face is fucken gross

  47. mcart451 says:

    She wins! Game over she is the best ever!

  48. footman2004 says:

    Nice video and I would be just like that guy she talks about

  49. Her feet ain’t all that

  50. LickingFeet says:

    He would want to sit there and just smell your feet.

    wow, she talks about him in 3rd person like he was some sort of weird animal or something. and so matter of factly, as if she had no clue of how to empathize with his needs as a human. it’s sad that he paid her so much money too, only to be described in such an impersonal manner months or years later. i bet at the time of payment she was acting all happy to get his money and treating him as if he was a normal person. boy that guy got the wool pulled over his eyes. this is just not right.

  51. this white chick is jus nasty y r we lookin at her big long lizard feet !

  52. Randy says:

    you gotta bring that chick over!!

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