video : a black man trying to defend his racism toward white people


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  1. The colors of mice: a model genetic code is a medical textbook which illustrates how aggression is inversely related to coat color in mice. In other words the lighter the color, the more aggression and the darker the coat color the more docile. Biologist study mice to understand humans which explains the standard of albino mice in labs. I get your point that some whites have love, but there is a consistent pattern of white aggression against every group they came across. To deny the nature of the predator/prey relationship of whites to black is willful blindness.

    1. Hahaha i find it funny how the only person with some sense here is sukma eighhole if you do your history you will see that this brilliant man is correct !

      Look at the melenisian people they are dark skin with albino traits blues eyes blond hair!!! They were genetically modified to be that way okay so yes yah just albino pieriod._..

  2. You are stupid! You call white people crackers yet… I bet you’d take offense to a white man calling you nigro or ni**er. Yet black people call each other ni**er too. It’s not right for black people or white people to condemn each other! Or their own race! You must think your so much better than other people to have the nerve to say that the ” crackers ” should be killed off! Your a racist idiot! People need to stop the hatred toward other races and stop hatred all together! We are all human beings and we all have feelings, emotions, and we all bleed red blood!

    Oh and btw, white people are albino? We lost our color??? What?!!! Are you seriously that idiotic??? Your t shirt is white, white people are not actually white. We have color to us. But you sound like a complete racist jerk!

    1. Agree hahaha would be a 3rd world contry straight away and also this dude claims black are more intelligent well its proven the opposite

  3. Black folks in this country are still suffering like our great great great great granddaddies.

    They were sold by their african brothers, to SPANIARS, and brought to america. This has nothing to do with white people. STUPID NIGGERS!

  4. This man is right about blacks where here first. If you look at Africa as a nation you can see how much progress they made in the past 10000 years…..NONE. These people can’t even feed themselves.

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