video : a Christian trying to defend his belief in God


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  1. aw man. I can totally tell from his body language and his facial expressions that he’s is on the defensive. I’m confident he completely understands what you’re saying and he’s just being willfully disingenuous. becaaauuuuse, if he’s not being disingenuous then it really means he’s truly a complete idiot …but I don’t think he is.

  2. 11:20 – “You’re trying to say something about what god can and can’t do, as a human.” Isn’t that precisely what all religions say? That they know what god wants us to do? i.e. god’s will? It’s just contradiction after contradiction… I guess it has to be when what you believe in is total BS…

  3. 9:34 – “Every thing that takes place in the world has already been decided by god.” Errr… so what’s the point of it all? Are we just playing it all out in a kind of “movie” for god’s pleasure? This guy obviously doesn’t realise the absurdity of the things he says.

  4. So the beliefs of everyone else who believe in different gods than yours, yet with the same amount (i.e. lack of) and type of evidence as yours are BS, but yours isn’t. Yep, that really proves it to be true. (double facepalm…)

  5. In the Beginning MAN said that God said ! So who are you to question God? We’re HUMANS. The same people that wrote the bible and many other things. Therefore I can’t believe your stuff without sufficient evidence. Plain and simple MAN .Glad I escaped. Great videos. Thoughtful and calmly spoken!

  6. It almost makes me want to weep! This is why religion is so malign and hateful: because it turns otherwise pleasant, well-meaning and good-natured people into completely irrational morons who are blind to reason and come out with the most offensive bollocks without even being conscious of their own anti-social lunacy.

    I think Mr, Lee’s interviews are useful and enlightening and shed an important light on the dangerously confused and ignorant state of mind of his subjects – who I fear represent a good proportion of his fellow countrymen and women. He should keep up the good work but I hope he doesn’t repeat the cock up with the audio on this video.

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    Marcellee you’re easily one of the most adequate street voices for atheism I’ve heard. I applaud your ability to exchange debate so intuitively and calmly in a way that actually causes people to think rather than bicker aimlessly and resort to dramatic bullshit chest beating. I’m a subscriber and I’m sharing. keep it up please. although I’m a little late finding your vids I am a fan.

  8. There is no evidence for God and so the conclusion that must be made is that there is no God.

    The Bible is no more convincing than any of the other contradictory scribblings of the very superstitious and irrational people who lived thousands of years ago. All of those holy books claim that they are true, so I don’t see why I should believe any of them.

    Mr. Christian God, if you exist, and want me to believe in you instead of nuturing my skepticism as you have so far done my entire life apparently so that you can send me to hell, please use your omnipotence to edit this post so that it contains a picture of David Hasselhoff. In the next thirty seconds, if you may (assuming you have broadband). Thanks.

  9. My problem with atheists is they choose to believe in the non-existence of things they don’t see. I don’t believe in what I don’t see, nor what I do see, nor in the non-existence of anything.

    This guy is fucking retarded about putting down other religions. He’s also wrong to say god proves himself to people. In my experience, life can be observed both synchronistically and chaotically. The question that defines these two terms is this, do you believe in coincidence? It seems to me this is what he means with his argument, that the atheist “chooses” to tell himself everything god does to prove himself is just coincidence and they need belief to see the true synchronistic nature of the universe.

    You don’t need to believe, you don’t need to not believe in a world made out of chaos. either. I have found the evidence in my life for a synchronistic universe to be practically overwhelming. Lessons are perfectly timed together to create a harmonic story line with the theme on growth. But I still don’t need to believe it. I mean, I might tell someone there is no coincidence, but I accept that there may be coincidence, what I’ve learned has simply given value to the idea of no coincidence. I hold this opinion without attachment because who knows how long until more information will come along.

    With this detachment I also have the freedom to view the world with any perspective I choose. I have a spiritual perspective (universe has a mind), a scientific perspective (random universe) and a creative, limitless perspective. They’re all ways I can choose to see the world and imagine the world.

    The free will question: Life/existence/consciousness creates itself. It originates out of pure potential which becomes imagination, which becomes energy which becomes matter We’re all part of this conciousness, it is one. Everything that exists formed out of it, it has limitless potential. It is everything.

    The short answer is this, we’re all little droplets of the same conscious force. We are God’s split personality syndrome. When something is infinite, particular fractions of it have no limit, either. We all have infinite consciousness, infinite potential.

    All in all the christian is contradicting scripture with his argument the whole time. Um… god supposedly created man in his image so obviously we CAN imagine how it feels like to be god because we’re carbon copies of him. According to the bible, at least

  10. Good video. But the first thing you’ve done wrong is to compare Christianity and Atheism in reference to GOD.

    First religion is a barrier (man made barrier), there is a difference between religion and spirituallity.

    Christianity was created as a form of oppression by Consitine as a way keep his Roman Empire from falling apart.

    I would write a response to all the questions you asked him but it would be too long. I’d be more than happy to do so if there was a list of questions. The answers are very simple, I can’t believe he didn’t mention them.

    GOD is real and the Creator of everything you see and do. You can think of what you call a “Better GOD” because he gave you the free will to do so.

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