audio review : Only Dimes ( song ) … G-Eazy + Too Short ( featuring The-Dream )

The title would be better without the word “Only”. Dimes is a perfectly suitable title for a song about the fact that you only fuck with dimes. That means The-Dream, G-Eazy and Too Short, don’t get into sexual or romantic relationships with girls who score less than a ten out of ten on the scale of beauty.

At least that’s the concept. The music is pretty too. But the chorus, performed by The-Dream, should be replaced by the one he sings just once at the end. That and a do-over of Too Short’s verse, which is flawed by an awkward edit after the twelfth bar, is all it would take to make this a good song.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : The Pimp Tape ( album ) ... Too Short

audio review : Confessions On A Dance Floor ( album ) … Madonna

audio review : Confessions On A Dance Floor ( album ) ... Madonna

Madonna skips church for a more familiar place to make her Confessions. These 12 songs, played in a continous mix as if they were the setlist at the local disco, are for the Dance Floor. Stuart Price is the DJ and his music is brilliant. The problem is that it outshines the star.

“You can love me or leave me,” she sings under the mirrorball, “I’m never gonna stop.” She should’ve stopped, at least for this album. Her middling melodies do little more than drag the quality down. Confessions would be better as an instrumental, in other words, without Madonna.

Her New York City dedication reads like elementary school poetry. “I like New York,” it goes, “Other places make me feel like a dork.” What better place for such Earth-shattering confessions than the dance floor, where lyrics/vocals take a back step to the rhythm of the beat.

my rating = 3 of 5