audio review : Solid Wall Of Sound ( song ) … A Tribe Called Quest ( featuring Busta Rhymes + Elton John )

This concert anthem doesn’t get good until near the end when what serves as the chorus, a bit of an old Elton John ballad sampled and looped, is dropped for something more original and much easier on the ears. The drums stay the same, but the enveloping music changes into a melodic wonderment of sorts.

“A million watts are shaking the room,” Q-Tip sings as you wonder why the whole song doesn’t sound like this, “In just a few hours, you’re going to feel the burn.” Is that really new Elton John singing with him? If so, that’s epic. I just wish they’d abandoned the Bennie And The Jets sample and used this part for the chorus.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : We Got It From Here [ Thank You 4 Your Service ] ( album ) ... A Tribe Called Quest

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