a dream I had about 500 girls at a hotel

I was outside at the entrance of the hotel, or at least the entrance of the parking lot, as I overheard some of the staff; two unattractively-normal-looking black women in their 40s or 50s; mention that “500 girls” were coming. They meant that 500 girls had been booked at once and were on their way to the building. The women didn’t seem to know the reason, but the implication was clear. They figured it had something to do with sex, which naturally peaked my interest. Exactly what was going on everyone seemed to wonder as the word spread around the premise. At one point, I mentioned it to what seemed like a random stranger. Was it for a TV commerical? A song video? Porn? No one seemed to know. But I planned to stay and find out.

I don’t know if I actually booked a room or what, but soon I was in the building; a hall section apparently connected to the lobby. It was the area where the elevators were as I stood near the right of what looked like a petite Asian woman who was waiting for hers to arrive and take her up to her room. A little further down, further to the left of the woman, sat a man; seemingly foreign also; on a leathered bench. There was a screen, a video monitor, almost directly in front of him; on the wall we all faced, but more to his right and the woman’s left. Suddenly it started showing a live stream of what was happening elsewhere in the hotel; a girl and a guy having sex. Fucking is a more appropriate way to put it. It was like a hardcore porn.

I figured the guy sitting on the bench had heard about the “500 girls” and was secretly excited about it, like me, but the video had no sound and he wasn’t looking up at the screen. He had his head down, reading a book or doing something on his phone, so I tried to get his attention by waving at him discreetly enough so that the woman wouldn’t notice out of the corner of her eye as she faced the elevator door she had been waiting to open. She noticed. I figured she’d also noticed the video but had been trying to ignore it because, without even looking over at the screen, she exploded in anger by violently throwing something at the guy as if to say, “Hey pervert! This other pervert is trying to get you to look at the perverts on the screen!”

It didn’t hurt him. It was something small she’d had in her hand. But it got his attention. The next thing I knew, he was fucking one of the girls just like the guy in the video. My first reaction was to laugh; he was pounding the shit out of this girl; as I pulled out my own camera and started recording. The woman either ran into the elevator or ran away in disgust as the video on the screen cut to other people, guests and staff, having sex in the hotel. It was a huge orgy that quickly had the whole building shaking as if there was a major earthquake. I wasn’t scared though. Neither was I concerned about getting dizzy as I would’ve been in real life. I just smiled and aimed my camera at the guy and the girl fucking frantically on the bench.

If the building wasn’t shaking so bad, I probably would’ve been looking for a girl of my own. They were apparently porn girls; the fakey overdramatic kind that typically turn me off; but the ones I’d seen thus far looked gorgeously attractive and it seemed anyone could just walk up and start having sex with any of them. I started to worry about the probability of the building collapsing though, World Trade Center style, all the while smiling and recording, as I ran to get into one of the elevator doors to the left of me. I stopped myself before going in. “Fuck this,” I might have said out loud, “I’m taking the stairs.” I figured it was too much of a risk. Being trapped in a broken elevator, with no girls, would’ve been a worse-case scenario.

2018 ( April 26 )