audio review : Crazy Bout Ya ( song ) … Mercedes ( featuring Master P + Ms Peaches )

The title should be Crazy About Ya, as the chorus says. That refrain is sang and harmonized by Mercedes in what for No Limit is a surprisingly lovely melody. Even her verse and bridge vocals are ghetto classy. Master P is annoying, but at least he’s relevant. He plays the role of her boyfriend, a thug whose dangerous lifestyle is starting to break their relationship apart. Ms Peaches comes in as an odd third person. She raps the role of Mercedes but mentions her own name, which makes no sense.

If not for that massive fuck-up; having Ms Peaches on the song at all; Crazy About Ya could reach classic “love” song status. For a better structural balance, I’d just have Master P do a second verse where Ms Peaches is then move and extend his monologue (talk) to the final chorus section instead of the one before the bridge. That’s all it would take. The acoustic guitars, which seem to play live continuously, from the beginning of the song all the way to the end, already sound gorgeous.

my rating = 4 of 5