audio review : SloLove ( song ) … Janet Jackson

This is fast, at least for a Janet Jackson song, so the concept shouldn’t revolve around anything “slo”. And if it had to be about “love”, her and her partner; man, woman, who knows with Janet; should be dancing instead of fucking, which is apparently what’s going on here. “Can’t control the heat when our bodies meet,” she says, “Baby, take it to another level tonight.”

The beat, a slick groove gorgeously produced by Anders Bagge and Arnþór Birgisson; you’d swear it were Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; serves as the backbone to what stands as, musically speaking, one of Janet Jackson’s best songs. With a totally different title and slightly altered theme; it has a romantic summer night dance vibe; it could even near classic status.

my rating = 4 of 5


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