audio review : Jungle Fever [ Music From The Movie ] ( album ) … Stevie Wonder

audio review : Jungle Fever [ Music From The Movie ] ( album ) ... Stevie Wonder

Songs From The Movie would be a better subtitle as Stevie Wonder not only provides the music to Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever but also the vocals. This is, in effect, a Stevie Wonder album. That it’s also presented as the official soundtrack to the movie, which it also is, undermines that fact. The singer should’ve let the director have the title track, which is the worst song anyway, and save the others for himself. A new Stevie Wonder album with no connection to a movie would make more sense, especially considering it’s been four years since his previous one.

Characters doesn’t sound this damn good though. From the very first song, a summer bop entitled Fun Day, Stevie Wonder parades his knack for composing wonderful vocal melodies. The one not-so-obvious drawback is that the verses sometimes outshine the hooks; Queen In The Black is probably the best example; when it should be the other way around. If She Breaks Your Heart, the lead vocals of which are actually provided by Kimberly Brewer; Stevie Wonder is no homo; gets it right though. Make Sure You’re Sure, a romantic jazz ballad, is gorgeous.

my rating = 4 of 5


audio review : Only Dimes ( song ) … G-Eazy + Too Short ( featuring The-Dream )

The title would be better without the word “Only”. Dimes is a perfectly suitable title for a song about the fact that you only fuck with dimes. That means The-Dream, G-Eazy and Too Short, don’t get into sexual or romantic relationships with girls who score less than a ten out of ten on the scale of beauty.

At least that’s the concept. The music is pretty too. But the chorus, performed by The-Dream, should be replaced by the one he sings just once at the end. That and a do-over of Too Short’s verse, which is flawed by an awkward edit after the twelfth bar, is all it would take to make this a good song.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : The Pimp Tape ( album ) ... Too Short

video review : 9-11

video review : 9-11

This is the story of five people stuck on an elevator in The North Tower of New York City’s World Trade Center. It’s a mundane concept made captivating because it happens to occur on “9-11”, but the execution is somewhat of a letdown.

Famous people playing strangers is par for the course. Charlie Sheen leads as a billionaire going thru divorce. What isn’t so forgivable is the script, which, despite some poignancy, never really stops feeling like a Hollywood movie.

my rating = 3 of 5