audio review : Nightride ( album ) … Tinashe

audio review : Nightride ( album ) ... Tinashe

The title suggests a female-on-top sex position and I’m all for that. Tinashe is not only a sexy girl but one of the hottest, most physically attractive, to ever come out of the world of popular music. Her face, her body; she’s my perfect type and talented too, which is where her voice comes into play. Every beat is a banger; the album never strays from soulful seduction; but it’s her dreamy vocal melodies that manage to keep things interesting beyond the initial allure.

These songs remind me of Janet Jackson showing her ass with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, but what Janet’s newest album (Unbreakable) lacks is sensual pleasures like C’est La Vie. You can’t understand what Tinashe’s saying on the chorus, but so what. It sounds good, dammit. The Interludes are the album’s one major flaw; it should be restricted to twelve songs in a slightly different order; but, the way she’s gyrating her hips, this just might be the Ride Of Your Life.

my rating = 4 of 5


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