audio review : Spacetime ( song ) … Tinashe

“I see God when you eat it,” Tinashe says to the guy, or girl, she’s in sinful lust with. She carelessly refers to that feeling as love, but it’s because she’s caught up in the moment of getting her pussy sucked in the back of a lavish vehicle with tinted windows. Perhaps that’s what’s giving the night sky a “sapphire” tinge.

The music, intergalactic erotica produced by a rock-hard Stephen Spencer, sets the mood, but it’s Tinashe’s songcraft that soars. Some of her lyrics are juvenile, almost to the point of cringeyness, but the chorus is indeed quite lovely. “Lost a little piece of my mind,” it goes, “floating somewhere off in spacetime.”

my rating = 4 of 5


audio review : Nightride ( album ) … Tinashe

video review : The Hitcher

video review : The Hitcher

The first several minutes are creepy and intense. Early one rainy morning, a young driver named Jim Halsey makes the foolish decision to pick up a hitchhiker. That man, who says his name is John Ryder, turns out to be a psychopathic murderer.

The movie could go interesting places from there but doesn’t. The claustrophobic driver/passenger concept is abandoned for what becomes a grueling game of cat and mouse, marked by unlikely set-ups and a silly Bonnie-Clyde-like subplot.

my rating = 3 of 5