question : What do you think of Howard Stern ?

I’m a fan of his Show. It’s one of my favorites and I listen to clips of it almost every day. But I don’t like or care about him as a person. Yes, he can be funny and entertaining at times; even when he’s not using staff ideas as his own, as he routinely does. I also like his raunchy way of interviewing people. He’s a good interviewer in general and smart in a lot of ways. But he’s also stupid in a lot of ways.

He clings obsessively to racial stereotypes, for example, and tends to ride the popular bandwagon when it comes to badmouthing other people. The guy rarely missed an opportunity to insult Michael Jackson. What I dislike about him the most is how often he lies and exaggerates, usually about trivial or insignificant things to make his Show more appealing, while claiming to hold honesty as a virtue.

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