There’s nothing wrong with a guy fighting a girl …

A lot of guys, maybe most, say they wouldn’t fight girls, but I’ve never been one of those guys. I’d fight a girl under the exact circumstances in which I’d fight a guy, and hit her just as hard, because, aside from being hetero when it comes to orientation, sexual discrimination or favoritism simply isn’t a part of my personality.

From the topics of discussion among friends to holding doors open for strangers to not letting people escape sinking ships before me, I honestly treat both sexes the same. So whether or not I’d fight or physically attack somebody has everything to do with whether or not I have a valid reason and nothing more.

They say that being bigger and stronger than girls is reason enough not to fight them, but that’s absurd because being bigger and stronger than a person is all the more reason to fight them as opposed to somebody it’ll be harder or less likely to beat. Besides, plenty of girls are bigger and stronger than plenty of guys.

What proves my point is that these same guys wouldn’t think twice about fighting a guy they’re bigger and stronger than and still wouldn’t fight a girl who’s bigger and stronger than them; the reason in almost every case having to do with what society will think of them for not putting the well-being of a female over his own.

But I don’t give a shit what other people think. I wouldn’t fight anyone for no good reason, but if someone, aside from perhaps a baby, physically attacks me, or gives me good reason to think they’re about to, I’m going to physically attack them. It doesn’t matter what they have or don’t have between their legs.

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