audio review : Bass [ The Future ] ( album ) … Bass 305

audio review : Bass [ The Future ] ( album ) ... Bass 305

At this point, it’s about more than just making your woofers go boom. Bass is at the forefront of the concept, sure; to the point of being obsessively interlaced into the very essence of these songs; but musically, it’s more of an underline. That means Bass 305 is taking you Into The Future of music, electronic music in general, a world where computer-savvy audiophiles, be them bassheads or not, reign supreme.

With that said, maybe 305 should, with no pun intended, drop the “Bass” and market themselves as just an electronic music duo from Miami. The best parts of their music, in fact, have little to do with the bass. It’s other elements of the music; higher frequency synths, orchestration chords and such; that sound most pleasing to the ears. Listen to the song entitled Man Likes The Sound Of Bass for evidence.

Most of the track titles have the word “Bass” in them, so they’re just as repetitive and unimaginative as the ones on Digital Bass. Bass 305 should also stop with all the outside vocal samples, which are both corny and cliché. But this album is better than that first one. The audiologist guy who seems to know everything there is to know about sound even makes a surprise, and very welcomed, return to the mix.

my rating = 4 of 5


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