audio review : Blame Game ( song ) … Kanye West ( featuring John Legend )

The most endearing part comes at the end, where a semi-funny Chris Rock engages in a dialogue with what is supposed to be Kanye West’s girlfriend. She sounds either awkwardly copy-and-pasted, retarded or drugged out of her fucking mind, but it’s cute how she says what she says. Though neither voice should be panned to the left or the right because its supposed to be “Yeezy” listening from his mono phone line, the background piano music is as beautiful as the Dark Twisted album title suggests.

Lo-fi drums come and go, but that music, which is at times highlighted by what sounds like a violin, is looped from beginning to end. That’s a winning move, along with the structure of the chorus. The “for sure” part sounds lyrically out of place for sure, but it’s a nice chorus, especially when Kanye West replaces John Legend and adds his own melodic touch to it. If nothing else, that part supports my point that it’s nice vocal melodies and not nice voices that matter most when it comes to the quality of a song. In fact, as far as the intimacy goes, John Legend distracts.

There should be an unknown voice as the “local dude” Kanye West’s romantic lover cheats on him with rather than Chris Rock. It is certainly conceivable that a pretty “bitch” who’s leeched onto the dick (heart) of one wealthy celebrity would leech onto the heart (dick) of another, but it’s not supposed to be that way in this song. He’s supposed to be a “neighborhood nigga” who couldn’t afford to buy the watch he wanted, not Chris Rock. That artistic blunder throws the concept off quite a bit. Then again, Chris Rock is a professional actor, so I guess that makes it okay.

my rating = 4 of 5


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