audio review : Venom ( album ) … U-God

audio review : Venom ( album ) ... U-God

The best beats here are produced by Green Lantern. Epicenter, one of the few songs not bogged down by lame breaks, has the DJ channeling a young Rza. Most of the others are comparatively inept.

It’s called Venom because that’s what U-God thinks he’s spitting. I disagree; his wordplay is unexceptional to me; but, for what it’s worth, he is one of my favortie members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

my rating = 3 of 5


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  1. I think something is wrong with your eardrums if you think that the best beats on the album is Epicenter. In fact U-God has proven that he still has the exact flow from the early 90’s on epicenter but he also transcends his unique and versatile flow into this new age era Hip Hop. This dude recreates himself so many times. That’s how he’s able to stay relevant for twenty-five years! And let’s not forget that the fans started crying that Wu-Tang’s flow was too difficult to decipher. Therefore, most of them dumbed down their lyrics for the exception of critics like you in. This album is very inspirational and a Hip Hop classic! And those tracks with Jackpot Scotty Wotty?! Fire bro! With all due respect sir.

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