audio review : Dazamataz ( album ) … Daz Dillinger

audio review : Dazamataz ( album ) ... Daz Dillinger

This is west coast (California) gangsta music from the opening synth to the final snare. What else do you expect from Dat Nigga Daz? He’s been making music since the 1990s and his style has remained the same ever since. That means the thirty songs presented here; there are no separate interludes or skits; sound like a throwback to a time when double CDs were a thing.

While also nothing new, I appreciate the way outside clips of people talking are interpolated into certain songs; Gang Streetz is a highlight; for artistic effect. Dillinger is a mediocre rapper though; the best verse on the album is probably the Violation feature by partner Kurupt; and the hooks are banal, so you’d have to zone in on the go-hard beats to fully enjoy this album.

my rating = 3 of 5


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