audio review : Destination ( EP ) … Ruck P

audio review : Destination ( EP ) … Ruck P

Going by the cover photo, the Destination is Silver Lake; a neighborhood in LA. Ruck P is the driver, the windows are down and what a breezy affair it is. This is summer evening groove music, a fusion of Chillhop jazz souled over elements of rhythm and blues.

The glaring flaw is that there’s a vocal song on this EP, which, aside from a few samples mixed in for fun during the second half, is otherwise vocalless. It’s a pleasant song; they all are; but its inclusion, especially at a seemingly random number two, doesn’t sit right with me.

I would’ve limited the playlist to Destination, Le Voyage Du Coeur and 3UO, probably in that order, consequently making the set even more succinct than it already is. But I’m a nitpicker when it comes to reviews. The average passenger should be able to just enjoy the ride.

my rating = 4 of 5


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