audio review : Elephants On Acid ( album ) … Cypress Hill

audio review : Elephants On Acid ( album ) ... Cypress Hill

Muggs ain’t dead. Though the DJ beatmaker has a Rzaish tendency to overstep the boundaries of hip-hop by overexperimenting with foreign instruments and samples, his music is still the best part of Cypress Hill. That he’s the sole producer here after having little to do with their last album should give fans a sigh of relief.

That assumes they can breathe at all, of course, thru the heavy clouds of weed smoke lead rapper B-Real exuberates. His Reefer Man anthem is a highlight, pun intended, along with Oh Na Na and Crazy; all featuring Brevi Wood on the hook. Acid is the main drug though, evident by both the set’s title and its psychedelic vibes.

my rating = 3 of 5


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