video review : Halloween : Resurrection

video review : Halloween : Resurrection

If you’re wondering how Michael Myers is resurrected after having his head chopped off, stop. You’re being logical and the Halloween world, which revolves around a town called Haddonfield, is anything but. The secret to sort of enjoying this episode, which, along with H20, make the third pair that go together in the series, is to embrace its ridiculousness.

Resurrection is directed by Rick Rosenthal, the guy who directed Halloween 2, but you wouldn’t know it. Halloween 8 is a virtual comedy, a virtual parody, starring another rapper. First it was LL Cool J. Now Busta Rhymes basically plays Busta Rhymes. Other characters star on his live internet broadcast entitled Dangertainment. This movie should be a shitshow. It isn’t.

It’s not good by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, but it’s also not bad and not being bad is somewhat of a rarity for the Halloween series. The “continual” orchestral music is overdramatic and annoying, along with Michael’s signature breathing, but there’s enough happening plotwise; the internet bit is actually well utilized; to keep you somewhat entertained.

my rating : 3 of 5


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