audio review : Bad Sister ( album ) … Roxanne Shanté

audio review : Bad Sister ( album ) ... Roxanne Shanté

Bad Sister isn’t a bad album, but it would be a lot better without all the filler, which come mostly in the form of overblown remixes. The Hip-Hop version of Live On Stage clocks in at damn-near seven minutes.

The best song is Feelin Kinda Horny, the only one not produced by Marley Marl, interestingly enough. Fatal Attraction and Knockin Hiney are also decent, though the latter includes a repeat (filler) verse.

my rating = 3 of 5


audio review : Take A Look Around ( album ) … Masta Ace

audio review : Take A Look Around ( album ) ... Masta Ace

He’s just talking on the title cut, but Master Ace is a good rapper with a knack for composing clever rhymes and thinking-up interesting concepts. Me And The Biz, for example, is a mock duet with Biz Markie, while The Other Side Of Town has Ace coming from the perspective of a hungry bum. “I’ll never get ahead; my raps have a better chance,” his character laments, “I’m living on Wonder Bread with holes in my leather pants.”

The underlining message here seems to be a socially conscious one. What you’re supposed to Take A Look Around at is the state of affairs happening in the ghettos of New York. But Ace also brags about his skills and chases young ladies; Letter To The Better and Postin High, respectively. The beats are provided by Marley Marl and Mister Cee, who bring with them a crateful of funk/soul records from the 1960s and 1970s.

my rating = 4 of 5