You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band ( story ) … Stephen King

This is a good story during its early stages as a married couple, Mary and Clark, drive down a back road in the “boonies” of Oregon. The two being lost, surrounded by wilderness, as the sun heads west conjure a genuine sense of suspense.

The road goes awry from there. Where they end up and what (who) they see when they get there is a major letdown in comparison to what came before. An engaging tale based in reality is spirited away to a silly dream-like fantasy world.

my rating : 2 of 5


You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band ( story ) ... Stephen King

video review : The Lords Of Salem

video review : The Lords Of Salem

It’s the supernatural theme, which has to do with witches and Satan, that holds this otherwise interesting movie down. The best parts are when humans engage in normal conversations, albeit often about said abnormal topics. When creatures appear and the horror begins, mostly in the form of abstract cutaways revolving around a radio DJ named Heidi, the plot grinds to a bloody halt.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Free Woman ( song ) … Lady Gaga

This song, a feminist dance anthem, doesn’t start sounding good until the final chorus, which is played over a different refrain. “I’m a Free Woman,” Lady Gaga announces from a downtown sidewalk. The two go together well enough to make one wonder how much better the song would be if it kept going like that for another eight or sixteen bars.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Chromatica ( album ) ... Lady Gaga