audio review : Hand In My Pocket ( song ) … Alanis Morissette

This song’s only flaw, aside from the One missing from the title, is the fact that there’s no piano after Alanis mentions playing the piano. A bar or two in the empty space that follows would help inch the ballad that much closer to perfection.

It’s an ego trip of sorts that begins with the singer fingering her Pocket for cash that isn’t there and ends with the hailing of a “texi kab!”. Her psycho-chick voice inflections are part of the song’s overall charm, along with a beautiful refrain.

my rating : 5 of 5


a dream I had about a girl staring at me like she wanted to fuck

It was daytime; sometime in the afternoon or more likely the evening. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of McDonald’s. I don’t know why I was there; I don’t think I’d ordered anything or planned to; but there I was, engine off, in the driver’s seat with the door open. It’s hot in Florida.

There are also plenty of hot girls in Florida, both in looks and in other ways. The girl sitting over there, several feet from me, wasn’t hot in looks. Her body may’ve been, but her face; my main criteria for hotness; was just okay. The way she stared at me though, I assumed she was hot in other ways.

She was a black girl, probably just out of her teens, and I think she worked there because at that same table, which was part of McDonald’s outside eating area, sat another girl, maybe even two, wearing actual McDonald’s uniforms, though in hindsight they looked more like Wendy’s.

Whichever fast-food place it was, she seemed to be on a lunch break or something. The other girl was, or other girls were, probably on shorter breaks. She was the only one who seemed to notice me though as she continued to stare at me, which I observed only thru occasional glances.

It wasn’t one of those “I’m thinking of something else while looking your way” gazes but a full-on “I can’t wait to suck your dick” zone-in. She couldn’t have been more blatant if she stood up and yelled it, which gave me a slight feeling of unease if only because there were other people around.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted her to suck my dick, ride it too, probably even more than she did. I said her face was just okay, partly because of her darkish skin, but she was more pretty than ugly and seemed to have a pair of tits under that shit. When it comes to sex, I’m not too picky from there.

I awoke before anything else happened, but I’d like to think we hooked-up. Maybe I smiled and asked what she was staring at or she finally got up and walked over to me on her own. Perhaps we exchanged phone numbers and got together that night. No fancy restaurant; just straight to the bedroom.

2020 ( August 01 )

a dream I had about driving my cars from a bus

I was on a bus, going south (southwest) on what seemed like the first street I lived on in Detroit, except it was longer. Instead of one intersecting Avenue before you had to turn left or right; or crash thru a fence, down a grassy slope and the wrong way onto a busy Freeway; there were at least two.

I know that because as the bus passed each intersection, seeming to slow down or stop as if there was a Stop sign at each one, I was able to look out of the window to my left and drive my own vehicle; I think it was two cars, but it could have been a car and a truck or some kind of SUV; via remote control.

I don’t know if it was an actual remote control like one used for an RC toy, my phone or what, but I was able to drive one of two vehicles I owned at each intersection. It seemed they were already rolling (northwest) and I was merely trying to park them to the side so that they wouldn’t block traffic.

My plan was to get off the bus soon, before it turned left or right at the end of the street, walk over and drive each vehicle home. What I don’t understand is why I didn’t just get off immediately. Perhaps I thought there could be more intersections with more vehicles, though it’s unlikely I’d own more than two.

I awoke just before or after getting off, contemplating how to drive two vehicles home. I was uncomfortable leaving them parked haphazardly as they were because I didn’t have time to park them properly. In hindsight, the most sensible choice would be to drive one home, walk back and drive the other one.

2020 ( July 20 )