Rainy Season ( story ) … Stephen King

This is Stephen King’s take on the old “raining cats and dogs” idiom. That he takes it literally, swapping mammals for amphibians, makes the story, which traps a young couple in a small town vacation house, more comedy than horror.

Once the downpour begins, things get interesting. It’s preposterous all the way; this is a story about killer toads Raining from the sky; but fun and somewhat captivating, at least during the second half where most of the action occurs.

my rating : 3 of 5


Rainy Season ( story ) ... Stephen King

audio review : Stranger In Moscow ( song ) … Michael Jackson

“How does it feel?” Lonely and cold, gloomy and ominous. The most popular singer in the world has experienced a “swift and sudden fall from grace”, it’s raining, “sunny days seem far away”, and it seems he’s in imminent danger. He’s a Stranger In Moscow.

The song, flawed mainly by a gratuitous prelude; the storm is too quiet; and synth drums that sound somewhat out of place, doesn’t make much of an impact until the final third. That’s when Michael Jackson drops the subtleties and finally opens up vocally.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : History ( album ) ... Michael Jackson