Rest Stop ( story ) … Stephen King

It seems people vomit in Stephen King stories for reasons that seem unlikely in real life. One is a “whore”, albeit a pregnant one, being beaten by her boyfriend or husband. The other is protagonist John Dykstra after attacking the man to protect the woman.

Dykstra is a novelist with an alter ego, a “literary werewolf” named Rick Hardin, whom he conjures in order to do the deed, but the point is lost on me. Rest Stop is technically well-written; Stephen King guarantees as much; but the plot doesn’t really go anywhere.

my rating : 2 of 5

Rest Stop ( story ) ... Stephen King

audio review : A Bird In The Hand ( song ) … Ice Cube

The prelude; Big Bird from Sesame Street announcing he’s found an old book of poetry in his nest; is genius. The song, which, at just over two minutes with no chorus, is barely that, doesn’t disappoint from there.

It’s a soliloquy from a young dad who turns to illegal drug sales in order to make money. It’s also a diss to George Bush and other white political leaders, whom a lot of black people blame for their money problems.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : A Bird In The Hand ( song ) ... Ice Cube

video review : The Lords Of Salem

video review : The Lords Of Salem

It’s the supernatural theme, which has to do with witches and Satan, that holds this otherwise interesting movie down. The best parts are when humans engage in normal conversations, albeit often about said abnormal topics. When creatures appear and the horror begins, mostly in the form of abstract cutaways revolving around a radio DJ named Heidi, the plot grinds to a bloody halt.

my rating : 3 of 5